Newcastle United will not be there but next month Premier League clubs will come together to discuss whether to try and tackle one of the most pressing problems facing top flight football in England.

The June get together of the 20 Premier League clubs will see Burnley, Middlesbrough and either Sheffield Wednesday or Hull, replace Newcastle, Norwich and Aston Villa.

Sky Sports has revealed what will top the agenda at the meeting and you may be a little surprised at the proposal being put forward.

It isn’t how to make Premier League more affordable via the massive extra riches falling into the pockets of every Premier League club, nor is it a move to follow Scotland and introduce the trialling of safe standing to bring some much-needed help for fading atmospheres in the largely sterile top division.

Neither is it an initiative to try and understand why every time more money is generated by the Premier League and spent on transfer fees and wages, the actual quality of the football falls.

Instead, the 20 Premier League clubs are to be asked to vote on whether to allow nine instead of seven substitutes on the bench…

Yes, that major concern of all football fans is now to be addressed, the fact that having only seven potential replacements has caused so many problems.

Sky Sports say it is Chelsea and Manchester United who have initiated and are pushing the change, even though there would still only three substitutes allowed to come on during any Premier League game.

It is great to know the game is in such safe hands…

It was eight years ago (2008) when it was changed from five to seven substitutes on the bench and no surprise this is being backed by clubs with some of the biggest squads. No doubt being able to include a couple more of the fragile egos will help keep some players happy.

Sky also bring the exciting news that next season will also see a brand new substitute board introduced, plus a new sponsor in Tag Heuer.

Bloody hell, of all the years to get relegated, Newcastle fans are going to miss out on all these exciting developments!

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