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A rant on hatred on behalf of Newcastle fans everywhere

3 years ago

Well, that’s it – the outcome has been decided; and like falling asleep drunk on the bus, we have ended up at the stop way past where we want to be.

This dark beer cloud isn’t going to lift and we will have to do a walk of shame along the Coca Cola League tour for our ‘efforts’, before we hopefully manage to make it ‘home’.

Hopefully somehow, through the power of Greyskull, Jedi mind tricks, Chinese thumb screws, Japanese massage, water boarding or even enormous suitcases full of loot, we manage to retain the services of the best Manager (some might say the only manager) we’ve had since Sir Bobby left our club over a decade ago.

This guy is the key to our future, and it is the ultimate tease on whether he will or he won’t stay.

The ‘Ronnie Gill’ is doing its best to drum up a push to show the gaffer ‘love’ in the Spurs game and I have no doubt that will happen from minute one.

I myself have signed online petitions with just about everyone I know to try another avenue, however futile that may be, of emotional blackmail to keep him working for an ‘undeserving club set up’ but for very deserving fans.

The word ‘deserving’ is why I am writing here. Since the minute it was confirmed that we were down, Social Media has been awash with the biggest amount of hatred and vitriolic bile towards the club and worse – to us, the fans.

The world at large is now full of slack-jawed, inbred, vocal morons, who having just crawled from the swamp of the black lagoon, or from beneath the many rocks under which they would normally reside, to stick the boot right in.

I have burst into flames reading so many times over the last couple of days that I am now classed as an active volcano and have had Vulcanologists camping out on my front lawn.

It won’t be long before I go off again, so if you are in the NE5 area watch out!

Grown men, (and I’m practically middle aged myself) spouting such pearls of wisdom as…

“That’ll teach the fans up there. Deluded isn’t the word, if only they backed the team and didn’t hound out managers! Think they are a massive club, they aren’t, embarrassment, joke, blah, blah, blah”.

These are from people from all over the UK, not just the galloping goon squad down the road. One Millwall ‘fan’ I had a particular online ding dong with, had quite obviously been dropped on his head as a child. Repeatedly.

There is just now a general hatred of all things NUFC. That seems to be where we are at. Hey, when it comes to being branded a ‘joke’ and an ’embarrassment’ – I’m with them on that. But when the finger is pointed at the lads and lasses who support the team then that’s red rag to a bull.

This ideology is mainstream and filters down from massive clowns such as the bitter faced snide git Souness – who having destroyed Sir Bobby’s team in a blink of an eye has taken permanent umbridge at those pesky Newcastle fans ruining his chances of success!

newcastle fans

This guy and others are poisoning the minds of these poor simpleton pond dwellers, who having read two lines of the Daily Sport and the gossip on the back of a service station khazi door, are now out there with the other smug know it alls such as Paddy “I’m an actual c*** Barclay” spewing gallons of verbal diarrhoea.

I will have to be reminded, but in the entire history of Newcastle United since West met East – how many players have the fans bought or sold from the club? Exactly how many training sessions have the fans held for the lads or ingrained tactics on how to play? Hmmm – that would be precisely zero.

How many fantastic players have thrived at SJP? That’ll be hundreds.

The home crowd is always there, and away the same in great numbers. The home form this season sees us in 10th on points accrued with 25 of the 34 scooped on Tyneside. Well isn’t that funny, just imagine if those terrible fans had supported the team ‘properly’ we would have obviously won the league!

It patently hasn’t got anything to do with the fact Mike Ashley has neglected the club for years, allowing a squad to stagnate and end up not fit for purpose.

One spending spree the summer and January after the horse had not only bolted but made its way along the production line of a well known supermarket lasagne factory – with money that was club revenue and not from his own pockets – was too little too late.

The fact Mike Ashley appointed a ‘great administrator’ (in the words of Freddie Shepherd, yawn) in the role of chairman, a role he is not qualified or experienced enough to undertake, making all NUFC decisions, was obviously not a factor.

The whole Graham Carr scenario having final say on transfers and collecting players from across the continent through some ‘super agent’ with a view to play well to get a move and not with any motives of actually being part of something and growing with the club – simply irrelevant!

What about the hiring of Steve McClaren? No doubt a canny fella, but a man who had failed and been sacked in the Championship at Derby, also being handed a place on the board as well as the manager’s role.

newcastle fans

Worse still, was the stubborn insistence on sticking with him for 28 games even though for the entirety of that tenure we were in or around the bottom three!

Then there are the players who in some cases (not all by any means) have just been a disgrace to the shirt. But hey all of the above didn’t play a part in relegation – nowt to do with it, if you believe what you read.

Us United fans must be bloody awful – the mind effing boggles.

So the moral of the story is, we should know our place (Leicester anybody) and accept the club being repeatedly kicked in the bollocks. OK nee botha.

What makes me smile is that somehow this insignificant, pathetic little joke of a club makes every fan in the country want to have their say – often on The Mag etc. Pundits a plenty also sticking their unwanted ‘professional’ oar in. All I can say is you bunch of sad bastards.

Honestly, I could not give one toss about any other club apart from mine – do you??

So I find it pretty weird that these swamp donkeys high on mogadon feel the need to chirp up about something they should just pipe down about.

What happened to solidarity? It’s long dead!

Well we need to use this situation as fuel to the fire to rocket us back into the Premier League. Siege mentality is required. Sir Alex Purple-nose-uson used that mantra ‘everyone hates us let’s stick it up them’ to great advantage.

Let us use this hatred to spur us on. We are ground zero, only way is up folks.

I for one can’t wait for next season now. Don’t fear the Championship, some of my best match memories came in the 1st Division. The players should be wanting to absolutely smash it up.

Let’s do this together and stick it right back up where the sun don’t shine (not the Boro!).

Over to you Ashley – sort your side of the bargain out and make this club great again, or pi** off and sell up to someone who will please.

Charnley, if you don’t get the bullet, you have one task in your life to achieve, it’s to keep Rafa. DO IT!

Rafa, from every NUFC fan in the world – we need you mate. I know you can see the potential, don’t let the owner or the national online brigade of hate-muppets put you off.

Like Churchill or charvas, let’s stick two fingers up to the lot of them. We are coming back.

Keep smiling HTL

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