We heard in an earlier Public Relations email that Newcastle United had delved into the club coffers in January to try and avert relegation and that the cupboard was now bare.

Now that Rafa Benitez is confirmed and has the final say on transfers with Carr hopefully on his way out the door, it is easy for us to get focused on another point – that any funds will be in the form of an overdraft.

While this goes against everything we have done in recent years, it makes sense.  The only thing is who will be liable, it just sounds too much to me like Ashley is passing the blame and therefore responsibility of the financial cost of his own mistakes in club policy onto the club itself…an overdraft sounds an awful lot to me like he is making the club more in debt, something we all know too well doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

What we have seen in the past though is that Ashley loves to give us all surprises.  I only hope that it isn’t a power play to make the club more in debt to him, to give him the option of putting the club into administration if things go badly next season after what is looking like significant outlay and wage retention without the TV gravy train to fund it…it seems an awful lot like a roll of the dice on the club’s future.

Perhaps I’m being a bit pessimistic and I don’t want to take any gloss off what is looking like a good bit of business, to keep the best manager we have seen since Bobby Robson at the club despite going down.

The obvious thing to me is that we will be selling players, there will be some Newcastle United players who deem themselves too good to go down. Those who attribute no blame whatsoever to themselves for the predicament the club finds it is currently in.

If we do manage to sell the likes of Sissoko, Janmaat, Coloccini, Cisse, free up wages from Taylor and  maybe even get a good offer for Krul, that should form a fairly decent backbone of a war chest to fund a squad overhaul.

I’m not going to start playing fantasy football, naming players we can get based on researching Championship manager.  There’s plenty on here can do that better than I can.  What I want to do is simply say that if Rafa can get the players in who he wants, then it is going to be an exciting off-season and I will be looking forward to the new campaign.

Personally I would love to see Rafa Benitez  offer the chance for all players to leave, then see who is committed to righting wrongs, as he himself obviously is open to. See who wilts and who wants out…and then let them leave, we need better character than that and will be better off without them.

I just hope we get some leadership in, some experience and some lower league talent that is definitely there if we look.

Leicester have shown what can happen if you have a good manager and good committed players…something we will hopefully look to have before the start of the coming battle.

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