One definite that Rafa Benitez saved us from, is having a four day crawl to the end of the season rather than a four week one which was inevitable under Steve McClaren.

Five games unbeaten and nine points from 15 meant it was Wednesday when Newcastle’s season officially ended, rather than around April Fool’s day which might have been more appropriate where Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley are concerned.

Sifting through the debris, Newcastle fans are looking for what is recoverable.

Endless speculation about which player might or might not leave, though with very rare exceptions nobody is honestly bothered with those debates.

The only show in town is whether or not Rafa Benitez will still be at St James Park in August.

With relegation nailed on for some time despite Rafa’s best efforts, it is difficult to believe that both the Manager himself and Mike Ashley, will not have already decided what they would like to happen.

So if the will is there on both sides, then no reason why this decision can’t happen very quickly…as in before Sunday.

At the moment the Tottenham match is looking like a wake, time to simply say goodbye to the Premier League for who knows how long – if Mike Ashley washes his hands of the problem as he did in 2009.

The owner selling anybody who he received an offer for in summer 2009, not giving Chris Hughton a penny to spend, the then manager and players amazing him by the instant return as Champions. This would not happen with the 2016 squad, if the likes of Townsend, Mbemba and one or two others leave.

If Rafa is willing then it is in the hands of Mike Ashley to simply press the button, agree the Benitez comeback plan and announce pre-Sunday.

That Spurs game then turns on its head, fans will see it as the birth of the recovery and something to celebrate, get the stadium rocking and everybody, rather bizarrely, looking forward to next season.

If ever there was an open goal for Mike Ashley to miss, then it is this one, but surely even he can see that there is no other option this time than to slot the ball into the back of the net…?