It feels like the end of the season is reeling all Newcastle fans in at an ever faster rate.

In eight days time, at the most, it will all be over.

Recent weeks have seen Rafa Banitez give us all a little hope, self-respect and possibly even on the brink of Newcastle United’s destiny been back in their own hands.

This weekend, a win for Newcastle combined with defeat for Sunderland (home to Chelsea) and Norwich (home to Man Utd) failing to win, would mean NUFC surviving if they beat Tottenham, regardless of what then happened elsewhere.

Aston Villa are the worst Premier League team since the Derby County side that picked up four of their season-long 11 points (and only win of the year!) against Sam Allardyce’s Newcastle United.

Villa won on the first day of this season and then had to wait another 157 days for the next Premier League victory, Saturday will mark 91 days since they last picked up a point.

From early in the season the clash at Villa Park has looked a potential massive game, Newcastle’s final away game and only seven years since a similar scenario saw United perish on the day of the last road trip of the season.

If one of the other teams puts the points on the board then we simply know the damage was done in the first 28 PL games BUT it will be really unforgivable if the players don’t beat Aston Villa and then find out it would have been a game changer thanks to results elsewhere.

Aston Villa are so bad and their club in such a state of despair and disarray, they really do have to be dispatched with the minimum of fuss.

If Newcastle United had persevered any longer with Steve McClaren, then the civil war at Aston Villa is where we would be at now.

Rafa Benitez has performed miracles to give us hope of a rescue from what seemed a certain fate only weeks ago, now all the players have to do is finish the job and give us all the very best chance of salvation.