Moussa Sissoko says that Rafa Benitez has made two major changes that have helped him discover some better form.

The midfielder saying that he is at last being played in his true position in central midfield and that he now has a manager who believes in him.

Moussa Sissoko is clearly making a cutting reference to life under Steve McClaren when he says ‘I play in my real position…everyone can see it is easier for me to play better inside’.

It also applies to both John Carver and Alan Pardew as well, Sissoko might be wide right usually when he plays for France, but that is only because they are spoilt for choice with so many quality midfielders.

Newcastle aren’t.

No doubt though many Newcastle fans will smile/grimace when Moussa Sissoko says ‘When you are one of the best players in the team people want to see the best of you…’

When he first arrived at St James Park, Moussa Sissoko looked like he could be a world beater but over most of the last three years he has struggled to even look like one of Newcastle’s best players, never mind one of the world’s best.

Moussa Sissoko talking to The Mirror:

“Yes, 100% sure we will be up next season – Villa and Spurs. We will be ready.”

From the best players in the World at Real Madrid to…:

“A few months ago he (Rafa Benitez) was training the best players in the world at Real Madrid. Now he is here with us and that means a lot to the squad…a different mentality and a new tactical system. It works at the moment.

“We learn a lot, plenty of training, and that is what everyone is focused on. I hope he will stay.

“We know he has a lot of experience with big teams and that is why it changes, the manager sees small details in the game and that is good for us…everyone is smiling – that is why we want to play football, that is why we play football.”

Playing in true position:

“I am more happy now. Firstly I play in my real position, central midfield. In the past I was on the right side. I was a little bit complaining to the manager saying being on the side was not my best position.

“Everyone can see it is easier for me to play better inside. Benitez is good to learn from and he gives me responsibility and he believes in me, and that is why there was a difference.”

One of the best players:

“The boos were not difficult to take because in football you have good and bad moments. When you are one of the best players in the team people want to see the best of you.

“This time (earlier in the season) I was not in the best moment, I understand why the fans were a little bit angry. Now they are happy. This is football. You try your best and see what happens.”