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What Middlesbrough fans think about Newcastle’s chances of promotion – Interesting

5 years ago

What do the Middlesbrough fans think about Newcastle United’s chances of an instant return to the Premier League?

Seven years ago in May 2009, Newcastle were relegated along with Middlesbrough and West Brom.

Only 12 months later Newcastle had bounced straight back to the big time (well, trying to stay in the Premier League under Mike Ashley’s master plan).

Only a further year followed before West Brom made their return but it has been a long seven years for Middlesbrough fans.

Newcastle supporters need to take this one on the chin (well we also have no other choice any way…) as we have had plenty of fun at both Sunderland and Boro’s expense down the years, no more so than 1997 when the final day saw Newcastle clinch second and a Champions League spot, whilst the two other north east clubs were relegated.

With these seven years of Championship experience behind them and eventual automatic promotion behind Burnley this month, what do Middlesbrough fans think awaits Newcastle United?

Have a read of the views below from Boro supporters, some interesting reading.

Quote refreshing actually compared to the kind of brain-dead comments from Everton and Sunderland fans we published recently, yes naturally many of the Middlesbrough fans want to see Newcastle struggle but they also have some interesting reasoned arguments either way, regarding the Magpies’ chances.

Some thought-provoking stuff about what we can expect next season and what the Middlesbrough fans think of Rafa Benitez, Mike Ashley and the current squad of Newcastle players when it comes to suitability (or not) to bounce back.

We searched out the reaction of the Middlesbrough fans via one of their top message boards Fly Me To The Moon, their fans asked whether they thought Newcastle would walk the Championship this coming season:

‘Depends on who they keep.

Same squad and Rafa? Yes.

Lose a load of players and lose Rafa? No.’

‘Hope not!’

‘Yeah. 100 points+.’

‘If Rafa goes then they might bring back Chris Hughton from Brighton..that would be a good move for them.’

‘Impossible to say without knowing who will be managing them and playing for them but I think they will find it tougher than they think; as Steve Gibson said the Championship is a “slog”. A very appropriate description.

Also, many of their existing players are the sh*ts anyway.’

‘Don’t think they will, I can see a few first teamers leaving. Would love Mitrovic at the boro. The aggressive striker we’ve been looking for.’

‘They need an overhaul of players if they’re going to. In the Championship you need some real commitment and fight in the team to go along with talent. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get out of once you’re in it.

It’s possibly the most competitive league going in football and if you’re not up for the fight, talent alone won’t do it.

A lot will depend on who their manager is next season, which players come and go. It’s hard to say. It also depends on how much Ashley cares to invest anymore.

They could quite easily do a Leeds and remain outside of the top flight for a long time and become a very unstable club.’

‘If they keep Rafa and that team, yes, absolutely.

Its a tough as f*** league, but good footballers and skill will always come out on top.

Nobody wanted to win it this season, we could have had it wrapped up two months ago.’

‘The same squad is full of pea-hearted foreign mercenaries.

If they have any chance of walking the league they need to identify and keep the good core players, get rid of the considerable amount of deadwood (if they can), and get players in who can perform over 46 games.

Don’t get this perception that they are simply going to turn up and batter allcomers.’

‘You just have to look at Hull and Norwich and I think it gives you an indication of how a good squad can struggle to find the extra consistency needed to finish top 2.

It’s difficult to go from losing every week to put winning runs together and find that mentality. Burnley did it but its difficult to do and it seems the longer in the prem the harder it is to get out first time.

Based on that I’d say playoffs for Newcastle.

I can also see them doing a QPR, it happens so often. Too many big time charlies and those Tuesday night trips to Rotherham can be difficult.

Agree if Rafa stays it will help as they seem to want to play for him.’

‘I don’t think its as simple as just keeping Rafa, its all about which players they can keep too, and whether or not Ashley wants to.’

‘All depends on how many points they pick up on the road, their home form will be formidable, teams will do well to get anything from them there.

Top two shirley.’

‘There’ll be players who’ll move because they will be in demand either here or abroad.

There’ll be players who think they’re too good for the Championship and will force moves wherever possible just to maintain their wages.

There’ll be players who they’ll want to get rid of because they’re not good enough.

I think it’ll be a problem if they end up stuck with too many who fall into the last two categories.’

‘I don’t think Mike Ashley cares whether or not they hate him either. If he decides not to spend any more money, and he’s implied he won’t, the fans’ll have no choice but to just suck it up ad hope they can muster up a promotion charge with what’s left.’

‘Yep. Its a strange one up there because he has actually tried to please the fans (albeit got it wrong numerous times). It’s not like he’s done what Oyston has done to Blackpool (well not yet).

It will be interesting to see what happens. So much money in the prem he may decide to bank roll them one more time to gamble their way back up, or it may be time to cut his losses and balance the books. Will be interesting to see what happens.’

‘Rafa? He doesn’t know the championship. Fantastic Manager yes, but it takes a certain style to grind out wins in the championship.

Their players? Are they really that good? Only a couple I would have in place of some of our players.

I think they are in for a big shock, and I for one cannot wait!’

‘I think they’re running a risk keeping Rafa.

He has no clue about the championship….it’s one of the most physically demanding and mentally challenging divisions in Europe.

I honestly don’t think Rafa is the right man for the job. Experience is vital for this division.’

‘Of course on paper they should win the Championship, but plenty of established Premiership sides that go down find it more difficult than they expect.

Last time they went down, they looked reasonably comfortable in coming back up.

I personally hope they spiral downwards to oblivion, but no matter what happens, I’m sure the comedy show will continue.’

‘I think it’s down to Rafa and that means Ashley.

Ashley has to persuade him that he is being given enough funds and ALL the decisions for him to do the job. Rafa is a sharp operator and it won’t take much for him to walk if it’s not right.

Rafa staying means that he’s got his way and he’ll do fine in the Championship. It’s not THAT much different and he’ll have a better eye for players than anyone else they’d be able to get.

If he does stay I’m very much looking forward to him getting the sack in 3 years time when they’re only 8th in the Premier League.’

‘They won’t blitz it like they did last time, it’s a much more competitive league now. I’d still back them to get 90+ points and go up though.’

‘Don’t think they will. They had a strong core to the team last time. A lot of championship teams are looking upwards and willing to spend.’

‘Top 2 for me, but they need fighters they had Nolan and Barton last time.

The way Villa are I would be surprised if they make the play offs – like QPR last season.’

‘They will absolutely blitz the league. Rafa has agreed to stay and already working on transfers. Most of their players will probably hang around for them anyway.

Rafa will get them straight back up and I reckon qualify them for Europe within a season or two.’

‘No, even with Rafa I think they will struggle. He does not know the Championship and every team who travels to Sid James Park will up their game to try and beat them.

It’s a completely different world in the championship. You get teams such as Burnley, Hull and Norwich who seem to adapt pretty well then others such as Cardiff, Fulham, Blackburn who have struggled greatly since they came down. I think Newcastle will be in the latter

So many good teams in the Championship next season Norwich, Villa will be up there as well as Brighton, Derby, and then there will be the likes of Birmingham, Ipswich, Forest who will all be around there. Gonna be a tough league but Geordies to walk it?’

‘Would like them to think that they will- like the deluded lot that they are, then find out it’s not that easy…’

‘The deluded loons up the road are now clinging on to the ‘ex-Real Madrid’ manager, that no other club in the world could entice to the championship, staying and taking them up with a records points haul….

Then the season following Champions League, the season after that champions.

They really do live in a shambolic, deluded bubble.

I hope they keep him and when they aren’t 10 points clear after two games, turn on him, like they always do with their managers.’

‘The Skunks had a team to “walk it” last time they were relegated to the Champo. Nolan and Carroll stepped up to the plate and were both magnificent for the whole campaign. Didn’t Nolan get 16 goals or something from midfield?

To be fair a few seasons in the Champo would perhaps do them good, to reassess what football is about, to re-baseline their expectations and the fans to face the reality that they are no longer a “big” club.’


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