I am amazed that Graham Carr still has people saying he is a good scout.

He would not make a good boy scout never mind a soccer scout.

It’s ok saying that Ashley would not sanction the players Graham Carrreally wanted to sign but we do not know whether or not that is true.

However, what we DO know is that Carr in the main signed players who did not have enough ability to play for this football club.

In fact some have been an absolute disgrace and so Graham Carr MUST go.

If Graham Carr recommended players that Mike Ashley would not sanction, then Carr’s back up list that Ashley did accept was also full of crap players. So it was still Carr who brought the dross to our club whichever way you look at it.

Graham Carr still brought players to the club that were not good enough, so he alone made the bad choices that have cost us dearly.

He should be sacked and put on trial for crimes against all Geordie humanity.

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