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What Everton fans are saying about Sunderland match…and Newcastle United

5 years ago

What do the Everton fans think about their match at Sunderland on Wednesday night.

Do they think Everton can win it, do they even want Everton to win it?!!

The natives are restless in the blue half of Merseyside and the anger is aimed at various quarters.

Have a read below at what the Everton fans have had to say about the Sunderland game…and about Newcastle United.

To sum up the most popular views:

Everton fans hate Roberto Martinez and want him out.

They maybe hate Rafa Benitez even more.

Everton fans quite like the mackems.

They really really hate Newcastle United!

Everton fans don’t like their own players very much.

They think Sunderland’s will have more ability, desire and passion.

We searched out the reaction of the Everton fans via two of their top message boards Toffeetalk and Grand Old Team:

I find it rather heartening and uplifting when another set of supporters has such strong feelings about Newcastle United and the fans, always good to be talked about…


‘I think Sunderland will win and stay up. Hope the fat Spanish waiter disappears along with that club.’

‘Would love to see Rafa and the Geordies relegated, so good luck to Sunderland. Always liked Sunderland too, great fans. Don’t worry about a backlash from our lot – totally incapable of it – they don’t give a monkeys at the moment. Whether they are like the fans and want rid of Martinez or just don’t care is harder to judge. If you lot go at us physically which I would expect a Fat Sam team to do will be over by half time so get ready to party!!’

‘Geordies are the kopites of the north east, I hope they get attacked by wild cats infected with turbo rabies. Like Sunderland, go to a few of their games each season.’

‘I will laugh my only testicle off if Big Club Newcastle are relegated again.’

‘Relegating Newcastle will be the highlight of our season… genuinely hope Sunderland smash us…’

‘Rafa going down is literally the only good thing to happen in football in 2 years.’

‘This isn’t an Everton side in poor form, it’s a side that doesn’t care in playing well. We will get beat Wednesday.’

‘We have about as much chance of winning as we would trying to juggle soot with super glue on our hands.’

‘Everton’s players know Martinez is gone, they’re not even trying and probably can’t wait to see the back of him.

If Carling picked the best possible opponents for a must win match atm they would probably give you a team like Everton. Lucky Sunderland, enjoy it it’s a much a banker as you’ll ever get.

Great to see the barcodes relegated anyway, we wouldn’t spoil that haha.’

‘I want Everton to win, I can’t believe one or two comments saying they want us to lose to send Newcastle down.

Food for thought too : if indeed we lose and Newcastle go down that frees Rafa up to manage us, would you want that………Err No!’

I want Newcastle to go down – not really arsed between Norwich & Sunderland but I’d opt for Sunderland staying up just to annoy Newcastle fans even more.’

‘With all honesty, I see no possibility of Everton winning. If we nick a draw it would be a near miracle.’

‘I’ve never wanted Everton to lose, if we do at least I have the comfort of knowing those pricks in the stripey tops will be banished to the championship.

Something about that club I just cannot stand although with their relegation comes a whole heap of Rafa for Everton rumours!’

‘Don’t forget Rafa’s ‘small club’ jibe at Everton after we drew 0-0 at Anfield. There would be a certain poetic justice in that comment biting him in the arse and the ‘small club’ putting the final nail in his relegation coffin!’

‘There are 3 reasons why I wouldn’t mind us losing

  1. Another nail in Roberto’s coffin
  2. I have lots of mates who are Sunderland fans so I don’t want them to go down
  3. I hate Newcastle and desperately want them to go down’

‘I can’t believe that some people want us to lose. For all the frustrations, how can fans who’ve demonstrated such commitment to the club actually want us to lose? I’m assuming it’s not meant at heart.’

‘I certainly don’t; I can understand the reasoning behind it, whether it be getting Newcastle relegated or the manager the sack, but I don’t agree with it.’

‘Hope we get beat, I despise Newcastle so win win for me here. Another defeat is another nail in soft arse’s coffin and Newcastle go down.’

‘Sunderland 3 Everton 0

 Sunderland will be up for it, particularly after beating Chelsea.  We haven’t been ‘up for it’ for some time.  Even with the incentive of a cup-final at Wembley we could only ‘get up for it’ for 45 minutes. We are an extremely poor side under Martinez, all we can do is retain possession in our own half of the pitch.  Once we cross the half-way line we are lost.’


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