We are getting a fly past today.

If you hadn’t already heard, the Sunderland fans have a plane and banner hitting the skies over Newcastle. Apparently it will say ‘Auf Wiedersehen Prem’. Quite.

You should see it above SJP about 3.15pm, so I read anyway, if you can be arsed to look up.

It’s banter, yeah? Great, witty banter from our near neighbours. Or just plane stupid (pardon the pun). Revelling in our suffering to great effect. We’ve done it to them enough over the years, though the way your average Mackem is wired up they will have pretended like that never happened. That 5-1 has been airbrushed out by many.

All those years when they were utter dross while we racked up over 100 games in Europe and almost won the title. When they didn’t win a league derby for 18 years. When they went down with a record low points total.

This will be our second aerial display. The Sunderland Airshow on Tyneside makes a return. What an honour. They did one last year to remind us of all the derbies that we lost. When we won five in a row I don’t recall the same level of reaction and back then these plane banners weren’t really¬† in fashion.

If anything this just underlines Charnley’s folly. He’s created a mess where Sunderland are flying planes over our ground to take the pi**. It’s an alternative reality.

Many Sunderland fans will be dismayed by this aerial stunt, especially when the money could have benefited a local charity.

Since relegation was confirmed their obsessive compulsive disorder has flourished. As well as this banner, I’ve seen reports they lit up Penshaw Monument in special colours for bagging 17th spot. They’re also wearing Rafa masks at Vicarage Road. I’ve been checking for road closures for their open top bus when they get 16th next summer.

I find it all a bit pathetic. It’s over the top and highlights they have this chip on their shoulder about NUFC that just won’t go away, even when they are having the upper hand. This is a club which has battled relegation just as much as NUFC over the last three years. They’ve wormed their way out every time.

It’s to be laughed off, though some of our fans will be wondering what this bunch of cretins are going to try next. Hardly great for trying to keep good relations between the two cities.

Their obsession will go on. It won’t ever go away. They remain deeply jealous of Newcastle the city.

It may take two years. It may take five years. It could take ten or more. But I’m certain that one day we’ll see the tables turned.

For now there are bigger concerns than this nonsense, so apologies for writing about it, but someone had to.

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