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What Swansea fans are saying ahead of the Newcastle match (and seeing Shelvey again…)

5 years ago

Fair to say Swansea fans are really looking forward to the match on Saturday.

Whether it is due to being able to relax after having hit the 40 points mark, the thought of a ‘night out in the toon’, or the first reunion with Jonjo Shelvey…it is clearly not just another fixture for the Swans fans.

On the subject of Jonjo Shelvey – he must still be a really popular lad down in Wales, at least that is the impression I got judged on the number of times they mention him!

Fair to say that are happy to point out to Newcastle fans the folly of buying him in January and they are most interested to see what happens when Shelvey clashes with his former team-mates.

Plenty of other varied reactions: from large doses of sympathy for the United supporters – right through to laughing at the thought of relegation for NUFC.

A lot of discussion about the stupidity of Newcastle United’s management, plus keen interest in just how much Shelvey is getting paid and the absence of any relegation clause. There is also one puzzling comment about Alan Shearer…

Let’s hope Jonjo Shelvey (and his team-mates…) earn their money on Saturday.

We searched out the reaction of the Swansea fans ahead of the match, via one of their top message boards at PlanetSwans:

‘Can’t wait for Saturday, in spite of the long drive.

Siggy…a brace of….goals.  Jonjo…a brace of….yellows…or even a straight red.

2-3 Swans (Alberto to get our 3rd).’

‘Be interesting to see the fan reaction should we win up there….’

‘I’ve got mixed feelings over Newcastle should they go down. I’ll feel sorry for their supporters who are brilliant but as far as the players are concerned, they deserve all they get, some right attitudes with some of their players, who haven’t given their all for their fans. I’ll be glad to see the back of the team, but will miss their supporters.’

‘Fair point, but their management is rotten from the top down…who in their right mind gives JJS & Townsend a 5 year £80,000 a week contract without a salary reduction clause if they go down, when they were in bother back in January.

Even a chimpanzee would have figured out that was necessary.’

‘We have a habit of doing well there. All the pressure’s on them, hardly any on us. If we score early, it could get ugly.’

Their so called supporters are no different to any others.’

‘They are deluded and clueless. Screaming for money to be spent when it is Mike Ashley is still to blame.

McLaren totally abused,Rafa takes over and performance gets worse, it’s then the players fault.

Pardew hounded out goes to Palace and with far less resources totally out performs Newcastle including slamming them 5-1 – I would love it if he sent them down in a couple of weeks.’

‘Why would Jonjo or Townsend agree to those clauses knowing they’d probably go down?’

‘If the players won’t accept the salary reduction clauses, you tell them to take a hike. That’s where the club management are weak & stupid.’

‘Really looking forward to this one – even more so that we now clearly have the points for survival. A few things to look forward to…

Shelvey vs Siggy (I daresay Ash(ley Williams) may be up leaving his mark as well)

Montero vs Janmat again. Was hilarious last time.

The pressure on them is huge. Not sure they have the character to raise their game. Hoping we don’t take our foot off the gas for this one.’

‘Norwich v Sunderland is the 12:45 match, so they’ll know that result before we kick off. If Norwich win that, then they’ll be 9 points ahead of Newcastle who will really, really need to beat us.’

‘They were already gambling that spending £12m on Jonjo would keep them up. What’s a little more risk on the weekly wage?

If they told them to take a hike they’d be even more likely to go down (in their opinion, since they somehow thought Jonjo was a good player). They weren’t in a position to say take it or leave it to players if they wanted anyone to join them.’

‘I’m going Friday, anyone else out in the toon?’

‘If you think paying £12M for JJS & £23M in salary over 5yrs (not to mention Townsend etc)was something Newcastle HAD NO CHOICE but to do, without introducing some safeguards into the contract, then its pure madness. Its the very reason why clubs go to the wall.’

‘Anyone who’d watched him play over the last year knew he was sh*t, he isn’t worth £12m, he isn’t worth £80k a week, but he might actually be worth £80k a week if he gets them out of the Championship. That wage will keep him there (also the lack of interest from PL teams).

Newcastle are a badly run club that makes stupid decisions, but the lack of a relegation clause isn’t especially stupid in itself.’

‘JJS plays sh*t for a couple of games then has blinder/decent game, then back to average/awful.

Here’s a thought he has been woeful for the last couple of games, statistically does that mean he is due a good this week?’

‘The bottom line is we should all be thankful for Newcastle’s stupidity in taking him off our hands and at the same time give us £12 million and take the knob off our payroll.

The fact that they obviously had not done their homework or seen how pathetic he’s played for the last 6 months makes it all the sweeter, it was funny after one game they were calling him the Romford Pirlo, now they know how poor he is 95% of the time.’

‘Just wish some others with the right attitude had the talent Shelvey has. Very embarrassingly unprofessional person with a wasted career.

Trouble is Charlton, Liverpool, Swansea and now Newcastle have (taken no notice of) reports on his stinking attitude, some other club will still pay him stupid money to do the same to them.’

‘Let’s not forget the threats and abuse Shearer used to get when he went there as a Southampton player. Oh and then all of a sudden he is a Geordie again, but then that’s about right when you consider the thick head took them down.’


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