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Rich people of vision are out there

5 years ago

Does anybody remember the boycott for the Cardiff game two seasons ago?

How many people actually walked out do you reckon? Was it 5,000, 10,000 or even more? The point being that it was less than half of the home crowd, and all they were being asked to do was walk out to show their disgust at the state of the club.

Well my question is, if not even half of the home crowd will leave a football match to show their feelings, what chance is there to get them to stump up a sizable chunk of cash in an attempt to change the situation?

The talk of a fan buyout is fraught with issues, not least of which is that those talking about it are clearly out of touch with the common man, if they believe that most people have, or could raise, £10,000 to plough into an ailing football club, whose fortunes are currently on a sharp decline due to the incumbent regime. A simple understanding of the economics of the region will tell you that this is not just fanciful, it is ridiculous.

All that this pie in the sky is, is a hopeful magic bullet from apologists to arguments against Mike Ashley and his wanton decimation of Newcastle United. They figure that simply by saying ‘put your money where your mouth is’, or ‘I don’t see you buying the club’, that it somehow validates them and renders all others as gobsh*tes.

It doesn’t, it is just another ridiculous position from those who choose to take shelter behind the balance sheet as the typhoon of relegation whips us up and dumps us in Burton and Rotherham next season.

The other old chestnut of an argument about ‘why would anyone buy the club when they see how Mike Ashley has been treated?’.

Excuse me?

Did you say ‘how Mike Ashley has been treated?’

This is the same Mike who was found guilty of lying to his own employees and the club’s fans right?

The same Mike who disbanded the singing section?

The same Mike who has plastered tat shop adverts all over our once proud stadium?

The same Mike who employed Dennis Wise and Joe Kinnear (twice)?

The same Mike who has repeatedly flogged our crown jewels and replaced them with tin?

The same Mike who is currently overseeing our second relegation in nine years? I would think that most sensible people (no, not Harry Redknapp and his dog) could see that Mike is treated exactly how he deserves to be treated, in fact he gets off far too lightly.

What is needed here is someone with vision, someone who sees the potential in the club, the region and the fans. A person who sees that Newcastle United, when run properly, is a fantastic football club with a feeling and identity like virtually no other, with a swagger and a romance not often found in the modern game and which has almost been forgotten under the Donnay boot heel of a cheap and bitter tyrant.

People of vision do exist, rich people of vision do exist, we just need one of them to see what could be done here and do it.

Obviously these self-same gobsh*tes will soon comment ‘who do you suggest then genius? You tell us who should buy the club’, so I’ll respond in advance.

Before ‘Uncle’ Michael Wallace James Ashley sauntered up Barrack Road in his matching Everlast shell suit and cap combo, did anyone know or expect that he was going to buy Newcastle United?

No they didn’t –  therefore your question is as dumb as you are.



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