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What really is better for Newcastle United – Premier League or Championship?

5 years ago

So…..The dust has now settled on yet ANOTHER Newcastle United defeat and the prospect of Championship football is ever looming, if not certain. To kind of coin a phrase from some bloke who wrote the odd novel or two….. Premiership or Championship, that is the question?

The conundrum many fans are now left with is – which one is better for the short, medium and long-term future of this basket case of a football club, Newcastle United?

Scenario 1

Premiership survival is retained. Regardless of the likelihood of this happening, given the dross on show week in week out, is NUFC staying in the Premier League and the gravy train that is all-consuming, the best bet for the club?

Scenario 2

We drop like a stone to the Championship, miss out on the forthcoming 100 million pound a season jackpot and fall into the abyss, in footballing terms? Is the end of the world nigh?

Looking at scenario 1, what would this probably mean?

I for one am far from convinced that Rafa will stay, even if we remain in the Premier league.  I don’t really believe that Ashley will change the ‘blueprint’ (whatever the hell the plan really is) for the club, regardless of how flawed this is.

Will he get rid of Carr, Charnley et al….? Again, not convinced. The bloke is a control freak, does not like spending cash unless there are clear gains to be had i.e. simply staying in a league that feeds clubs abhorrent levels of money, whilst massaging the egos of chairmen and owners up and down the land.  Yes you can say that 80 million has gone from the coffers this year (remembering the cupboard is now bare). But this all gets down to the ‘blueprint’ on how the club is run and I just don’t see it changing – or maybe I am wrong?

Scenario 2 is probably easier to determine in many ways.

We lose out on the cash flow (minus parachute payment), Rafa definitely goes.  The players leave in their droves, that’s if anyone wants them. This bloody ‘blueprint’ remains, whereby Carr continues as director of football and Charnley is the overpaid lapdog. Ashley still does not give a monkey’s and things are far from rosy in the garden.

However, in writing all of this. scenario 2 might just start the ball rolling in the right direction (If anyone can determine what really is the direction we need to be travelling in?).

Will the Championship really bring a change of heart to Ashley and co?

Will relegation at last make them all realise that the football club is a mess and the way it works must change?

Will the DoF at last be disbanded and Carr does one?

Does Mike at last realise that Lee is not really very good at his job?

With relegation and the ‘international stars’ leaving, does this mean we can bring in British players from lower leagues that have a heart, try their best and heaven forbid play like a team?

Do we then get an atmosphere that is a little like the ‘good old days’, where we turn up for the love of NUFC and not just because it the thing to do and wear the badge that says ‘I support a Premier League football club’?

Do we start enjoying football again at 3pm (most weeks) as opposed to 12.45, 15.00, 17.30, 13.30, 16.00 and 20.00, over the course of the whole weekend and Mondays?

Is the result we have a new owner, new set-up and a team we can be proud of?

Are we saddled with 100m of debt once the accounts are clear and not something resembling the Panama files?

You could go on and on with ifs buts and maybes. The issue really is how do we come to terms with inevitable relegation and is this really the end of the world for NUFC?

I for one don’t think it is.  I for one am happy to embrace the fall if we get a club that represents our region and not to simply satisfy Ashley and co.

I for one am sick to death of being a useless pawn in the corporate league that is the Premier league.

Once upon a time following the Mags was fun and meant something. Does it really anymore?

What really is better for Newcastle United Football Club? Premiership or Championship – that is the question?



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