Tuesday morning, just over 27 years after the event, the family and friends of the 96 who died at Hillsborough have been vindicated for their campaigning, with the inquest jury finding that all of those 96 football fans were unlawfully killed.

What is more, the jury has also ruled that there was no behaviour by football supporters that caused or contributed to the disaster.

The Crown Prosecution Service has now confirmed it will begin the process of formally considering criminal charges for those to be held accountable for what happened.

Newcastle boss and former Liverpool Manager, Rafa Benitez, has added his own emotional response to the news:


“After so many years fighting for justice I am really pleased to see the verdict today, which confirms what we have been saying for a long time.

“I am especially pleased for the families of the 96 who have sought justice for so long and with such dignity, as well as for the people of Liverpool and for football fans in general.

“Hopefully this verdict today will ensure that this kind of tragedy can never happen again.”