How many points do you think Newcastle United can accumulate in these final three games?

We have all done the calculations and looked at the games both Norwich and Sunderland¬†also have, then you try and work out the results, usually with the (subconscious?) thought of how to make the totals end up with Newcastle finishing in 17th place….

However, worrying about what happens to our two rivals is one step removed.

Yes their results will of course impact on whether Newcastle United survive or not – but without Newcastle picking up points it is meaningless.

So РCrystal Palace at home, Aston Villa away and Tottenham home, what do you think?

If your glass is overflowing, you will think as many as 9 points is not just mathematically possible but also realistic as well.

Palace and Villa are the two clubs with the very worst form since Christmas, whilst Tottenham’s draw against West Brom means that their title hopes could end this weekend – potentially leaving them nothing to play for when they visit St James Park.

If your glass is empty and smashed, you will see a Tottenham who have the best form in the Premier League since Christmas and could still have title hopes on the final day, or alternatively need points to ensure a Champions League group stage place.

Whilst you could also see Palace and Villa as big banana skins waiting to happen and two clubs with something to prove.

Palace with the Alan Pardew factor, plus on a high after their FA Cup semi-final win and wanting to guarantee their place in the final – plus of course it is still possible for them to be relegated, even though very unlikely with the number of results that would need to go against them.

As for Aston Villa, they have been shocking this season but in this final home game in the Premier League, at least some of their players will be wanting to show that they do actually care, well at least a little bit.

So how many points will Newcastle get in their relegation run-in…?