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What Liverpool fans had to say about Rafa Benitez and Newcastle after 2-2 draw

6 years ago

It was a mixture of relief and elation for Newcastle supporters after Saturday’s two goal fightback but what about the Liverpool fans?

Fair to say they aren’t too keen on former Sunderland keeper Mignolet, many scousers feeling his failure to deal with Anita’s cross was the turning point with Cisse pulling a goal back out of nothing.

To be fair though, I don’t think they were too keen on Mignolet anyway…

A lot of goodwill floating about for Rafa Benitez and an overwhelming feeling that he has improved Newcastle in these past weeks.

I was quite surprised just how much credit the Liverpool fans were prepared to give Newcastle, their supporters generally seeing the fightback and eventual result as a combination of Newcastle’s resolve and a bit of weakness in their own team,  not able to hold on to what looked a very commanding lead at the break.

Good luck messages for Rafa Benitez in trying to outdo Sam Allardyce, let’s hope this point will make a difference in the final countdown.

We searched out the reaction of the Liverpool fans, via one of their top websites/forums This is Anfield:

‘Great first half. Thought we could stroll it, Rafa had other ideas.’

‘Another poor performance. Absolute joke of a team this.’

‘At least we didn’t lose the game and we had a shock of Sakho not being there today and we had no Origi. It is not a bad result tbf.’

‘Seriously? It’s a terrible result. Throwing away a 2-0 lead at home to a club 2nd from bottom who had only won 3 of their last 30 prem away games is unforgivable. Mignolet should be taken out and shot for that mistake as it was the game changer and give Newcastle hope where there should have been none.’

‘I never thought we looked comfortable, even at 2-0. Newcastle harassed us, and we didn’t seem to have brought our passing game. The goals from Sturridge and Lallana were great strikes out of nothing, but we didn’t really create anything of note.’

‘If we were going to do something that damned insipid, I’d rather let Rafa have the 3 points and rest Sturridge for Villarreal.’

‘Very disappointing, but big credit to Rafa and Newcastle for that second half recovery.’

‘I keep thinking that while a draw is disappointing, it might be the point that enables Rafa to relegate Allardyce, which would be a sweet consolation.’

‘At half-time the players should be knowledgeable enough to anticipate that at the start of the second half they needed to go toe to toe with Newcastle to quail any thoughts of a comeback.’

‘1st half it was evident Klopp’s tactics surprised Newcastle and Rafa. 2nd half Rafa changed and it surprised us, just like Newcastle in the first half we didn’t have an answer and Klopp made his changes too late.

Rafa was clever but even so it shouldn’t have worked!’

‘Yes I know we shouldn’t forget the progress we’ve made. But this is Newcastle. At Anfield. We should be battering this lot.’

 ‘Not only is it Newcastle, who haven’t won at Anfield, since 1994, or something similar, but they are second last. Not to mention we had a stronger team out there, than I thought possible, considering the upcoming Europa League game.’

‘In a way, I was happy Rafa didn’t get dicked on during his return.’

‘I am a huge admirer of Rafa. But I don’t give two sh*ts about his teams when they come to Anfield. The only team that matters to me is LFC.’

‘Mignolet should never ever play for this football club again, a true disgrace of a GK, if we had a world class gk we would now be 2nd in the table.’

Good hustle from Newcastle. Could make a living out of selling Mignolet effigies judging by some of the comments on here. Quite amusing some of the vitriol and statistics brought up.’

‘I almost did not watch the second half, so convincing was our performance in the first half. The squad has become a real pressing machine and looks so solid at the back. Newcastle did not have a whiff in that first half. It looked to me like twelve men playing against ten. Just doesn’t matter who is in the side these days. Looks so solid.

Can’t explain the second half let-down. Yes, Wijnaldum can be dangerous, so can Mitrovic. The real problem seemed to be we lost a little bit of energy in midfield that allowed them a path through. This opened the game up a bit when it needn’t have been open at all.’

‘The criticism saying that Newcastle are a bottom two team isn’t valid. That was the McClaren team. Rafa’s team is much better. Had he been there from the start, they would have likely been around 8-10th or so in the league. They were not poor in the second half half – we just gifted them two goals.’

‘I think in this case, Mignolet (not for the first time) showed a flakiness at crosses. That was an easy decision to make to stay on the line on a floaty nothing cross.’

‘I woke up this morning hating Simon f***ing Mingolet even more than I did before,’

‘I knew I shouldn’t have come on this thread, too much negativity for a nice saturday afternoon. It was nice to cut Rafa a wee bit of slack. Silver linings and all that.’

‘Fair play to Newcastle. They knew we didn’t have the ability to hold the ball up for counter attacks so pressed us high and forced mistakes.

The Mignolet flap shows again that he’s not really cut out for it here. The cross should have been dealt with.

Should have finished this off in the first half. I just think Newcastle fought us tooth and nail as they try to stay in the PL.’

‘The draw today is all down to one man: Mignolet. We had a great first half, Newcastle were dead and buried provided we didn’t give them any encouragement. All we needed to do was see the game out in a professional manner. In comes Mignolet and the clown just gives away a goal out of nothing, giving Newcastle something to fight for again. The second goal is also partially his fault, a goalkeeper with good reactions could have gotten it.

Second frustration today was the referee. Blatantly biased in favour of Newcastle, not even funny any more. Don’t think we’ve gotten a single 50/50 decision all game and had two huge penalty shouts turned down. Almost as poor as Mignolet was.’

‘Newcastle deserved the point. They didn’t turn up in the first half, we didn’t turn up in the second.’

‘Credit to Newcastle who were fighting with everything they have got, and played a tactical game, with not many spaces in midfield (in short, exactly what we should expect at Villarreal…). Rafa is about to fine-tune them into a tight-knit unit. They’ll need to win their next games, but they can do it if they play like that until the end.’

‘I did notice Newcastle being first to any second ball, they were hungry and for their second half performance deserved a point.’


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