How high and how low can Newcastle United and the rest of the Premier League clubs finish this season?

Despite clubs only having five or six (seven in Liverpool & Everton’s case) matches left to play, the range of possible (if in cases very improbable…) outcomes is very surprising at this stage of proceedings.

Last season of course saw that remarkable late surge by Leicester City to pull away from rock bottom to comfortable safety by the end, whilst there have been numerous past instances where clubs that look safe suddenly sink like a  stone.

The table below shows the very best and very worst where your club could end up after the final games in Sunday 15 May.

As you can see, Newcastle United are one of four clubs that could finish rock bottom, whilst there are 10 different clubs that could technically still be relegated.

The very best for Newcastle is 11th position, though no doubt we would settle for 12th at this point…or even seventeenth.

The table below was put together by Ben Mayhew, who is head of data analysis at the Press Association:

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