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What Sunderland fans had to say about Newcastle match, the fans and Rafa Benitez

6 years ago

As usual, interested in what the away supporters made of the match on Sunday afternoon, so sought out the views of Sunderland fans….

Sifting through and discarding the predictably (very numerous) abusive rants from many – two things stood out in particular of the more ‘constructive’ views/comments:

Firstly, Newcastle aren’t very good (and to be fair, quite a few don’t rate their own team as that much better), which it is hard to disagree with – especially based on much of Sunday’s match.

Secondly, Sam Allardyce’s shockingly negative tactics are costing Sunderland points overall and possibly a victory in this latest derby….another point of view which hard to argue with, considering how the mackems retreated further and further as the game went on.

We searched out the reaction of the Sunderland fans during and after the match, via one of their top message boards Ready To Go:

‘We will only have ourselves to blame if we let this slip. Playing deep as F*** and treating them with so much respect you would think we were playing Barcelona.’

‘Been coming (equaliser) for 20 minutes.’

‘Wow you’d think he (Mitrovic) had just won the world cup.’

‘If we attack this we can still win, don’t underestimate how bad they are. Anita and Sissoko as full backs for f***’s sake.’

‘We badly missed Johnson in midfield today. In the past we could have brought him on and he would at least occupy the opposition defenders whenever he got the ball. Today we got to 55 minutes and then had absolutely nothing to threaten them with.’

Second half was infuriating like, we sat back and invited them onto us it was a matter of if not when they scored. A point helps absolutely neither of us we needed to win that. Gutted.’

‘1-0 up with ten mins to go in two consecutive away games (one v 10 men) and we defend deeper and deeper and deeper as every minute goes by! Four points thrown away without a shadow of a doubt. Awful tactical decisions, awful substitutions. Self-inflicted.’

‘As a team we sat far too deep. If you can’t see that then that’s your problem. They’re absolute sh*t and we sat back and invited them on. Why?’

‘We now have five home games left out of eight, and we are the team in the best form.  That was a massive game for the mags – they needed to win to get some momentum going and they didn’t.’

‘Gutted but we brought it on ourselves. They were the only team that looked like scoring in the second half.’

‘Tried to defend a 1-0 lead instead of going for the kill, but a point is better for us than it is for them. And they are a MUCH better team without ginger Jack.’

‘Even after Mitrovic got injured and they were down to 10 we were trying to take a draw.’

‘It was very bizarre, Mitrovitc celebrated like they’d won the league. Surely they should have been rushing to start the game again.’

‘Point isn’t too bad in the end. I’d have been happy before the match and nothing I’ve seen today suggests that NUFC have enough to finish above us. Bank it and move on to the real task – finishing above Norwich.’

‘Elliot save was massive. 0-2 and its game over. We didn’t deserve all three in the end, think a draw fair enough.’

‘Once again I blame our clueless chancer of a manager. Playing so negatively in the second half. Cos this strategy has worked so well for us in the past.

How many games is that now where we’ve conceded with negative play? And what were those subs all about? Fat clueless tw*t strikes again.’

‘9 games since they last beat us. Forever in our shadow.’

‘2 sh*t teams who will both go down. Norwich must be feeling very chilled out right now.’

‘Allardyce will relegate us with his sh*t substitutions and tactics. This second half has been absolutely sh*te. Time wasting now as well what an utter joke we are. We deserve relegation.’

‘I’d be furious with his (Rafa Benitez’) team selection and tactics on Sunday if I were a Newcastle fan. He totally handed us the initiative from the off. To play what was effectively a 4-4-2 with Shelvey and Wijnaldum as a centre midfield partnership was never going to be effective and is rendering two of their best players obsolete by not giving them a chance to use their best attributes and it is weakening the team in the process as neither are particularly good in that position.

I still think Benitez is a very, very good manager and an amazing coup for them and they probably do stand a far better chance with him at the helm than if Tufty had stayed, plus if they do stay up I think there’s every likelihood that they will push on next season.’

‘I thought they were really poor on Sunday. The mags I know have been telling me for months that they’re hopeless, Sunday showed that. Like us they probably need 4 wins out of 8 to stop up, Benitez has got his work cut out if Sunday is their usual level of performance would worry me very much.’

‘Did you not expect a reaction from the club as a whole when he took over . The game at Leicester glossed over how poor they were but all I heard was how improved you were . You were awful at home on Sunday and were lucky to get a point . Benitez is a charlatan .’

‘I remember the atmosphere during the 3-2 defeat under McCarthy years ago, very noticeable how quiet the toon support was on Sunday in comparison. The noise when Emre scored was deafening, not like Sunday’s equaliser.’


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