Steve McClaren claims that he is convinced he is still the right man for the Newcastle job.

The Head Coach bases that belief on the fact that he believes that he and his coaching staff are doing all the right things behind the scenes.

Anybody who has watched Newcastle this season will find it very difficult to believe this…

The Newcastle fans shouted for Steve McClaren’s head during today’s embarrassing performance and he says ‘I have had it before, it is not pleasant, I don’t like it’.

The United boss claiming he is as ‘frustrated and angry as the crowd’.

However, McClaren says that he and his staff can’t give up and ‘have to fight’.

A little bit of fight would be good to see sometime soon…

Steve McClaren:

‘How did the chants make you feel?

“They are understandable and that is part of football and part of being a coach, at whatever level…but this is top level and that is part of it.

“I have had it before, it is not pleasant, I don’t like it, I’m as frustrated and angry as the crowd.

“But we can’t say ‘that’s it’, we have to fight.”

‘Are you the man to salvage it?’

“I hope so because I fully believe that myself and the staff, and what we are doing behind the scenes, is right.

“We need to perform better, do our jobs better.”

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