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Mike Ashley’s latest comments might have just finally pushed me over the edge

5 years ago

Well I wonder, has Mike Ashley finally broken my spirit?

I have threatened to walk away before but reading Mike Ashley’s latest comments might have finally pushed me over the edge.

His rotten empire is under severe outside scrutiny and he suddenly decides to divert attention by speaking about Newcastle United, the same Newcastle United where less than 12 months ago he promised no more failure, cup winning sides and top 4!

He admitted his own shortcomings and mistakes, saying he was committed to bringing the success that we as fans deserve.

Now he says the cupboard is bare, he never wanted Newcastle United in the first place and that any blame for failure lies with the people who run the club…of course these are the people he appointed, a continued succession of idiots until he finally found the perfect combination of fools, Charnley and Carr.

We are on the verge of oblivion and he suddenly announces there is no more money – of course not Mike, your rotten sports empire might be crumbling around you (whatever effect that has on NUFC) and I would like nothing more than to see you begging from the gutter.

Now just for once NUFC have appointed the right manager, however it is far too late and I think it is too much to ask for Rafa to sort this mess out over the next eight games.

Now I think the majority of Newcastle fans  could stomach relegation, if Rafa was to stay and be given the opportunity and backing to build the team again – but what chance of him staying if we go down, now that the blithering buffoon AKA Mike Ashley has spoken his latest words, timely indeed!

Let’s be honest, would you want to work for a man who oozes such negativity, whist at the same time displaying unequalled arrogance.

It also transpires that Mike Ashley never really wanted us, he thought it would be a breeze but due to his own shortcomings and ridiculous appointments (Chris Mort excepted), he failed miserably and we are now  in his words…’stuck with each other’.

So the man who bought the Bigg market a drink when he arrived and seemed to want to announce himself as some sort of saviour, is now reduced to saying ‘you are on your own’.

Of course, Mike Ashley had the chance to sell, it’s no secret the VERY rich people who bought Manchester City actually wanted us, but allegedly SOMEONE disrespected the Arabs to such an extent they cast their net elsewhere and walked away from meeting him.

Look at Man City for a second,  continued success on the pitch whilst off the pitch they prepare for growth by increasing the stadium capacity, quite the opposite to where we are, we are restricted whichever angle you look at it from.

Over the coming weeks there  will be many words written about Mike Ashley, however I suspect that Mike Ashley is a man who bathes in his own arrogance and he will actually enjoy the attention he is going to get over his rotten empire.

NUFC as always will just be an entertaining sideshow for the world to mock so long as he owns the club, and let’s face it, that is not going to change anytime soon.

So Mike Ashley, many thanks for breaking my spirit, but please feel free to carry on with your own arrogant self-indulgence at our expense, you are indeed a man without morals or scruples and totally the opposite to the kind of folk who should be the heart and soul of a magnificent football club.

One city, one club, one love… egotistical arrogant owner!



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