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If Rafa Benitez has any common sense he’d turn down Newcastle…

5 years ago

I was born two weeks before the cup final in ’55. My father and grandfather went to Wembley on our coach filled with supporters and as history shows, it was the last time our great club has had domestic success. It is shameful.

As a lifelong supporter, most of the time has been dire or ordinary to say the least, until the early 90s when Hall & Keegan took hold of the club and invested money and common sense into the structure of institution.

Yes it is an institution as most know from our area, it is a way of life, an identity, and a life blood for the city of Newcastle, for if the team wins the city and area are happy and more productive, but if we lose…..

Well after the short-lived success of the mid 90s the club were in decline again after Keegan left, there was a resurgence when Sir Bobby took the reins but even he failed to recapture the success of Keegan.

These were the better years that I can remember. Take note though, Keegan and SBR were men who had only the best intentions for the club and the team. They had their own ideas for the club and were backed by the board to fulfil the fan and club needs.

We all know how when SBR took charge he had a word with Shearer and told him to take the ball on the ‘half turn’ as opposed to with his back to goal. Something that even the great Shearer had not cottoned onto at the time, but when taken under the wing of SBR and a few finer points explained to him and the other players, it transformed the team.

He did not have time to take them on a trip to Spain, it was trial by fire, but a good manager knows these things and can put the faults right.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, McClaren is not getting any message across to the team, or they are not listening. Either way it is a failure on his part. It is obvious the team are not confident in his abilities to coach or be in charge of them, that is a big problem!

However, I agree on ONE thing which McClaren has said, I believe the team ARE good enough to stay in the Premier League.  However, I do not think it is good enough under his control. There is a big difference. If he is not shown the door by Friday at the latest, the club is going to be relegated, no question.

I think it is a farce that there has been a special trip to York (why York and not Newcastle? To make a show of it?) to decide McClaren’s future, which could easily have been done by phone or skype with a few closed questions (Let him go? Keep him? EASY! ).

What has the last 28 games shown that could possibly give the slightest glimmer of hope to the most stupid creature on the planet? It’s a no brainer, nothing is going to change the outcome if the club keep McClaren.

Some say Charnley is at fault, I think so too but it goes deeper than that, why was he employed in the first place? I think from the comments on The Mag and others, some think he cannot sack him as it would reflect badly on him, as he hired SMC in the first place.

IMHO there is nothing more cowardly and nonsensical than someone who has made a mistake and will not change that decision to help rectify it. Sacking SMC is the only option available to Charnley, for him to have any chance of saving face  (it’s too late now…) but some may disagree.

If Charnley does not sack SMC he is only compounding the felony and making himself out to be a bigger idiot than the fans already think he is! He has limited time to do this as the mood in the team will take time to change.

For me, Rafa Benitez is the first choice to help save the club, and get him no matter what the cost. Give him total control until the summer and tell everyone on the planet about it too.

It would give a shot in the arm to all the players and staff at the toon to know they have finally got a top manager who COULD change the disastrous fortunes of the club. After all, it will only be until the summer, and nothing worse can happen to the club as most think we are down anyway. So really it’s a win win.

If Rafa Benitez has any common sense I think he would decline, but I am an eternal optimist in most cases, so if that was the case David Moyes would be my second choice, he does not have the impact Rafa would have but he would do a better job than SMC and at least give us something to hope for.

It’s just my opinion and I know some will not agree, but that is what The Mag is for – cross-pollination of ideas and points others have not thought of.

Of course this situation could all be part of the master plan as one contributor (David) suggested on Talksport on Monday night on about 48 minutes, worth a listen to for conspiracy buffs.

All I really want is to have the club run well and a successful team to be proud of once more, is it too much to ask for???



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