Yesterday we came very close to a very bleak situation at the bottom of the table. Very close.

The scary thing is that everyone around us is at least trying.

With Bournemouth beating Chelsea, imagine if Villa had held onto their lead at Southampton and mackems had taken the numerous chances they created at Arsenal?

I know it’s if, buts and maybes, but they are all teams that are now looking more likely to win football matches than Newcastle do.

The biggest positive is…we are so bad at the moment hat can’t really get much worse.

I still think a walk out, or a no show, is the fastest way to Mike Ashley’s panic button but, I don’t know what’s best once that button is hit.

New manager? But who?

The club is so low it needs a character in charge, a bit like when Keegan took over (the first time). However, Ashley has peed off all the people who could be instant confidence-bringers. Look at the opposition manager today, comes in and suddenly players who couldn’t kick a ball in anger, have me placing a bet on a 7-1 loss!!

As much as David Moyes is a great manager, he’s similar to McClaren in many ways.

If McClaren or Moyes take over a half decent team they can improve it, but I don’t think they have the talent to turn around a confidence shot club that needs change from top to.

Who’s the character you’d want?

Also what is everyone’s thoughts on a no show at the Manchester United game in January?

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