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Not one but two relegations needed to rid Newcastle of Mike Ashley

5 years ago

When I’m of the opinion that consecutive relegations may be the only thing that can save Newcastle United, then I know it must really be desperate, and desperate times need desperate measures.

Before you all go all crazy at me such as… you want us to do a Leeds or Portsmouth etc? let’s just dispel a few myths.

First of all, both Portsmouth and Leeds United spent well above their means and it was that over-enthusiasm in chase of success that lead to their demise, one thing you cannot have any concerns about when it comes to Newcastle United!

All I/we want is for us to compete.

Secondly, for every Portsmouth or Leeds there’s a Southampton or Leicester, you see where I’m going with this? Now you go and find a fan of either of those clubs and ask them if they’d swap places with us, I’m sure I know what their answer would be, they will have enjoyed the journey at their own respective clubs far more than ourselves since Mike Ashley bought our club.

Let’s just roll the clock back a little, May 2007, Mike Ashley had just taken a controlling stake of NUFC and I was forced to do something I had never even thought about, sell my shares I’d held for so many years, that at the most I think they ever gave me, was a dividend of about 7 quid or was it 12?

At that time Leicester City had just escaped relegation from the Championship, Southampton FC had just missed out on promotion from the Championship and a club called AFC Bournemouth were getting crowds of 3/4,000 having just escaped relegation from League 1.

That’s just how far NUFC have regressed.

At least their owners, boards, managers have tried to better themselves since that same period, improved upon, built up good foundations and tried to be the best they could, whereas us.. .or should I say, Mike Ashley’s ‘NUFC’, has tried to do the polar opposite.

He has stripped away all leaders of men, any subordinates that may challenge his ethos, to the point where there is zero hope or ambition and replaced it all with nothing but an acceptance of failure and mediocrity.

No desire or aspiration but to stay on the gravy train that is the Premier league, one of the best brands in the world might I add? Such as it’s that great a brand that no one can see the wood for the trees and the longer NUFC stays in the Premier league, the longer we will be an absolutely nothing club, just plodding along in purgatory for the guaranteed £100m share of that huge TV deal, for what?

The ground is like a morgue, the players don’t care like you or I do, they just want that move to a Champions League club. Newcastle United is a shadow of its former self, a parody of a football club and I see no way of it improving for a very long time.

But it’s Steve McClaren’s fault I hear some of you say. No it isn’t. He is just another symptom of the cause, a nothing ‘Coach’ that cannot manage a football club, a yes man that was pretty much in his last chance saloon and grateful for a job at a so called ‘big club’.

Newcastle United is no longer a big club, Newcastle United is just a marketing tool for a former little known sporting goods store called Sports & Soccer, look at how that empire has grown if you want to see success!

We don’t expect to win the league, goodness knows the elite teams have made sure of that, but at least we could try to give things our best shot, try for a cup, aim for Europe, and be the best we possibly could.

Just take a look at the top of the Premier League for a moment. Does that remind you of anyone? For Newcastle United to succeed again, well at least try to succeed (we are a patient bunch and don’t let any lazy stereotyping journalists try to tell you any different).

The only way that can happen is for OUR club to be rid of Mike Ashley, and for that to happen it has got to offer zero monetary value to the only love in his life…his cheap, jumble sale style tat emporium.

The only way that can happen is for Newcastle United to be relegated, not once, but possibly twice! Shock, horror! I hear you exclaim, your mouths open aghast at such a ridiculous thought!

If we were to get relegated once, to the championship then bounce straight back up, he has already shown he can weather that storm; he will take the hit financially for a season due to the money the Premier league coverage generates his sporting goods empire.

If you want Newcastle United to get back to its former years of at least giving it a go, being exciting to watch and to feel those hairs stand up on the back of your neck when you walk into that ground and the team that we all have so much hope for takes to the centre circle, then do something about it.

Don’t go, stop putting the money in his pocket to the point that he knows no matter what he does, those ‘loyal’ fans will still turn up.

Make a stand, make Newcastle UNITED again and to do that you must stop going and hope that something extremely desperate happens in order for us to take back our club.

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