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Can wanting Ashley Out ever justify hoping that Newcastle will lose?

5 years ago

Twitter, Facebook et al…what a racket! I’m all for respecting one another’s opinion but how many are there on social media?!

Regardless of your point of view as a Newcastle United supporter, you have the club’s best interests at heart. I think this gets forgotten at times, as opinions turn into internet spats.

Whether you go to the match or not, ideas on what’s best for the club vary from supporter to supporter. That’s no different from any other club. The emotional as well the financial investment supporters put into the club, often results in the blue touch paper being lit with people and all respect goes out of the window.

Ashley Out has an agenda to rid the club of its current incumbent because that is seen in the long term as the only way NUFC will compete at a level befitting of a club our size. This along with the awful shirt sponsor, the club’s role in supporting Ashley’s prime business interest etc make a compelling argument to take the same stance.

Regrettably this is where divisions begin. Supporters have been faced with a decision of whether to go to the match or not?

It’s difficult, nigh on impossible, to be oblivious to this undercurrent. Some supporters recognise that Ashley Out may well bring a positive change. There are others that fear we will end up with a worse owner like in the examples of Leeds, Cardiff, Blackburn etc.

It’s ridiculous that all these things are considered these days when the main reason for going in the first place is simply to watch your team play a football match. I’ve spoken to supporters that don’t go and they have said it isn’t anything to do with who’s in charge, what’s on the shirt etc it’s because it’s no longer just about the game.

The emotional connection you have with your team, plays an important part in how you choose to support the lads. Recent results will affect how you feel depending on your point of view.

I’ve read supporters wanting NUFC to lose as this will rid the club of Ashley sooner. I find this hard to believe, but I accept it because these supporters like me have the club’s interests at heart, just a different opinion.

Personally, as someone that still goes to the match I couldn’t turn up wanting us to lose, that’s just absurd. Although I agree that maybe getting Ashley out would mean it is ran in a better way but I still want my team to do it’s very best.

The team, regardless of who is in the shirt, when they step over that white line, represent not only the club and its tradition but more importantly they represent Newcastle upon Tyne, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not like I’ve not been angry, saddened and disgusted to the point that I’ve said to Wifey “that’s it I’m jacking it in” and I’ve always gone back.

Recent results have left me elated, proud and chuffed (pre-Villa), it’s never an equilibrium and I guess that’s why football is so great. The day I don’t get wound up is the day I stop going at all.

HOWAY me bonny lads!!!

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