Just have a look at the latest estimates of what the Premier League TV money will be as from next season, the figures are…unreal.

If anybody thought we were going to see the back of Mike Ashley any time soon, they might have to think again.

The winners of the Premier League next season (2016/17), are set to receive an estimated £150m, a rise of over £50m on the current deal, Chelsea having banked £98,999,554 in total last season.

Newcastle last season received the 11th highest (despite finishing 15th in the Premier League) amount TV money last season – £77,835,102,  from next season the 11th highest earning club is forecast to get £125m – a rise of over £47m.

Yet again this season, Newcastle are punching above their weight when it comes to TV money, despite some very poor on the pitch action.

When Everton come to visit on Saturday, it will be the 12th time in 18 Premier League matches that Newcastle have featured on Live TV.

Free advertising for his retail empire and an extra £50m per season in the pipeline from TV money without having to lift a finger.

What could possibly go wrong, apart from total mismanagement over a number of years and potential relegation…

In purely football terms with Newcastle currently just one place above the drop zone, just what will the club’s owner do to protect his investment in the January transfer window?

As you can see from the estimated revenues below, every league placing will be worth an extra £2.5m, as compared to £1,244,898 last season (Total TV income based on league placing and number of times shown on live tv, as well as set amounts that each club gets).

tv money

Figures taken from the excellent Sport finance specialists Sporting Intelligence.