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Official verdict is ‘irresponsible’ after going undercover at the derby game

6 years ago

Well, the tedium of my undercover derby game visit to Sunderland and fallout from it, finally came to a head.

I have been branded “irresponsible” by the Stadium Managers at both St James Park and the Stadium of Light.

This branding came without the courtesy of a phone call, just a ‘we will not respond further’ email with this branding and sanctions.

I was then given some garbage about premiership rules regarding away fans sitting with home fans etc etc, I pointed out that Fulham FC do this every week with the mixed section alongside the visitors section, that is sold on a first come first served basis to home and away fans.

I was told to take it up with Fulham!

Now of course NUFC and SAFC are both whiter than white, as you would never see visiting fans in home sections of the ground…I think someone is deluding themselves if they think this is the case, perhaps a trip to Boots and free eye test is in order.

Next home game v Liverpool will see scallies sat with our lot in some areas and without a hint of trouble. You see, the problem is that people like Steve Storey (NUFC ) and Paul Weir (SAFC ) tar everyone with the same brush, plus incidentally, you are guilty without getting a chance to prove you are innocent.

So after 45 years attending, missing only a handful of home games, a zero arrest count, a zero ejection ( yes ejection) count, I am now branded as stupidly irresponsible. Thanks fellas, just hope you never do jury service!

Now, the sanctions, I am banned from buying away tickets or at least that is what I thought, so I re-read the email and it is a possible future sanction only, for any further misdemeanours.

So now the mischievous question in my head, is how do I further ‘misdemean’?

Given my rant earlier this week about the appalling state of the club, a ban from home matches would be most kind from NUFC…so what sort of misdemeanour would I have to do to incur a home ban?

Running on the pitch? Well fans of SAFC do this regularly and that does not seem to work (Paul Weir, are you reading, do you sanction your naughty fans?).

How about streaking? Well built like I am, that is not an option!

How about standing  up with an anti-Ashley poster? No that just results in the stewards confiscating the posters?

Smoking? Well I don’t and I’m not starting now.

No, I can’t see this happening, unless they take offence to both my rant and this offering, so the go or not to go dilemma will still be mine.

Over the last four years, the middle aged motleys have dwindled from nine down to three, sometimes four, knowing the remaining few as I do, I would not be surprised if they gave it all up at the end of this season.

These idiots in charge are not just sickening the current fan base but in all honesty damaging the future, what kids are going to want to come to the football, l only to have their dreams shattered by this dross. If it does not change the damage will be ever lasting.

I was lucky when I was a bairn because my dad, despite him being a Brighton fan, still took me to every home game from 1970, other kids were not so lucky and followed later. However, why would a dad nowadays inflict this on their own children of today. Kids used to be so excited to be telling their friends they were going to the match!

What about restrictions on increasing ground capacity, just another means for Ashley and his cronies to sicken the Geordie public. If Newcastle were to become successful (flying pig) 52,000/53,000 is not enough. However, more chance of me growing hair than that (success) happening.

Ashley, your people branded me guilty of being irresponsible. I strongly suggest you, your underlings and Jobsworths take a good hard look in the mirror, because the only guilty people at Newcastle United are you lot.

You are guilty of systematically destroying all that was good about Newcastle United; dwindling hope, no optimism, no future!

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