Mike Ashley has asked Newcastle fans to show their support for the injured Tim Krul at the match on Sunday.

In the past there have been some decent initiatives, such as the t-shirts worn by the players when Ryan Taylor was long-term injured.

However, this latest support for Tim Krul, involves the club encouraging fans to buy a match programme on Sunday for £3, so they can hold up the ‘free’ poster of Tim Krul that it contains.

The Managing Editor of Newcastle United’s match programme sending out this message on Twitter:

‘There’s also a free poster for Tim Krul in the programme. Hold it up before kick-off and show him your support.’

So the club aren’t bothering to put any time, effort or money into it themselves, such as producing some cards spelling out a message of support to the keeper that can be held up by supporters when the teams run out.

Instead, we are all expected to pay £3 for a ‘free’ poster.

Why didn’t the club just hand out posters that were actually free…