Georginio Wijnaldum has done a TV interview whilst on international duty in Holland.

The midfielder spoke both about Newcastle United and the Netherlands’ Euros hopes.

Wijnaldum says that Holland just have to get on with winning their final two group games and hope that Turkey don’t.

He says that it is ‘annoying’ that Holland have allowed themselves to get into a position where they are having to rely on Turkey not winning, to give them even a chance of a play-off place.

As for Newcastle United…

Georginio Wijnaldum says that he thinks Newcastle have been ‘pretty good’ but haven’t got the points they deserved, which has meant them sinking to the bottom of the Premier League, something he describes as ‘not so good’.

With Norwich and Sunderland up next, Wijnaldum doesn’t expect Newcastle to automatically win either or both games, saying that with the whole league being so strong there are no easy matches even against the ‘lesser teams’.

Georginio Wijnaldum talking to RTV Rijnmond:

“I think that the games we play have been pretty good, only we do not get the points.

“It is important, because now we are last, which is not so good.”

Anything’s possible:

“Everybody can beat each other in the Premier League. Anything is to be expected in that league, which you see on the results.

“You play against world class players, but also the lesser teams are good – it is a strong competition.”


“It is just annoying that we are dependent on Turkey.

“Everyone knows the importance of these two games. We just have to win themselves and look no further.”