Alan Shearer says that Sergio Aguero is ‘genuinely world class’.

Reflecting on last Saturday’s game, Shearer raved about the striker’s movement and his finishing, in  fact his all round performance.

Alan Shearer saying he would have loved to watch Sergio Aguero’s five goals  IF it had been against anybody but Newcastle United.

The collapse was appalling but always good to see the likes of Alan Shearer referring to Newcastle as ‘we’.

His body language and words on Match of the Day last Saturday night, left nobody in any doubt as to how much the situation at St James Park gets to him.

Alan Shearer writing in his column for Coral:

“The stand-out individual performance last weekend has to go to Sergio Aguero. He is genuinely world class.

“The way he glides across the playing surface is amazing. His finishing last Saturday was superb.”

Would have been a joy to watch..

“If I wasn’t a Newcastle fan, it would have been a joy to watch….

“We (Newcastle United) were unlucky to get a goal disallowed that would have put us 2-0 up in the game, however, it really was alarming the way we imploded once that first goal went in for City.”