Yesterday we brought you this image of a Sunderland fan from Sunday.

When covering Sunday’s match against Tottenham at the Stadium of Light, the Sky cameras panned in on one particularly strange individual.

sunderland fans

At the time the writer asked the following:

‘I take it he doesn’t wear this homemade effort every week and it was in tribute to the fact that Spurs were in town.

But does he have a different one for every visiting team that comes to Sunderland?

So half-Everton when Liverpool and half-Man City when Man Utd etc?

Plus, what does he wear when Newcastle visit?’

Well it turns out that Sunday wasn’t a one-off and our thanks to Mag reader @kaiwaters_nufc for pointing us in the direction of the image below, when the same character was caught on camera.

Turns out it isn’t only when Spurs are involved that he wears it….

sunderland fan

This yellow/yellow combination is even more offensive on the eyes than the red & white/red & white effort above.