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Newcastle United is a club broken on every level

6 years ago

Newcastle United is a shambles of a club, broken at every level.

The summer’s cosmetic fixes were never going to address all the issues of the previous eight seasons of decline.

We are not just a bad football team, we are a bad football club, sad as it is to admit it – we are bad for football in general, as a shining example of what happens when a club places profit over success, without realising that one generates the other.

We are a club that exists as a consequence of mismanagement, where excuses and lies are the stock and trade of those in power, where players are given long contracts on their potential which is then not developed.

We are a club who wilfully and blatantly takes advantage of its own supporters’ loyalty.

A club who openly manipulates the media with bans and exclusive deals.

A club which has sold its gold and replaced it with tin far too many times.

We are a club devoid of passion, respect and effort, we are the very epitome of a man who reaps what he sows.

Commonly heard on forums such as this, are nonsensical arguments of ‘who would take over if the owner sold’.

Or, ‘we could be the next Portsmouth without Ashley’.

As well as ‘what manager in their right mind would take the job if McClaren went’.

Obviously we don’t know the answers to any of these points but we do have eight years of evidence of what happens if the current situation continues, we get relegated…again.

What I am not going to say is that the time has come for change, that time is long past overdue.

Unfortunately, the fans voted with their feet and in their thousands still file into St James’ Park to witness the funeral of a football club and in this way, just like the owner, we deserve what we get.

Last season’s relatively minor protests showed what can be achieved with a little pressure, but ultimately it was not enough and the owner won again.

Like a drug dealer, unless the addicts (us) are prepared to give up the addiction then he will keep doing the same thing, why should he change when it’s working in his eyes? Fans turn up, buy their tickets, fill his stadium and assist his advertising campaign, exactly to plan.

There are many question marks over what Newcastle United would look like without Mike Ashley, would it be the next Leeds or Portsmouth?

Maybe, but why not the next Southampton?

Why the next anything, why would it be like any other club? There are no answers to these questions because nobody can see the future, but we can hazard a wild guess of what it looks like if we keep doing this, can’t we?

What we should be doing is looking to find the answers to these questions by giving up the product that is S***** Direct FC and forcing the owner’s hand. Those who claim that an empty St James’ Park wouldn’t make a difference, cannot say that with any conviction because it’s never been tried.

My feeling is that it wouldn’t take many matches of an empty stadium for real change to occur, the swell of negative publicity and the show of solidarity by fans would force that change, and whilst we won’t know what would happen, at least it wouldn’t be this.

It’s an old drum to beat but fans really need to ask themselves if their money spent on their comfy seat is in any way more important than the football club.

It can’t be can it? Otherwise what is the point in going?

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