After the latest gutless display by Newcastle United, Steve McClaren has said that they have to ‘draw a line in the sand’.

Defeat to Sheffield Wednesday Reserves, left fans wanting to bury the players up to their necks in sand, in the baking Tyneside sunshine….

However, failing that (the Tyneside sunshine), just where is this line in the sand going to be?

Steve McClaren:

“We have to turn it around. We have to draw a line in the sand and say how far do you have to go?

“We have to turn it around and when we turn it around, we will be stronger and better for it, but we have to start by turning it around and that has to start with the performance on Saturday.”

We can now exclusively reveal that the line in the sand has been discovered…

steve mcclaren

(***Photo shamelessly adapted from the excellent effort by Newcastle fans who did this at King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth for #Boycott Spurs last season)