Yet again, football clubs in Germany show that they operate on a totally different level to the Premier League, with this time Bayern Munich leading by example.

The hugely successful Bundesliga club are as ambitious as any other ‘big’ club in Europe.

However, they recognise that they are in a priveleged position and unlike the purely greed driven Premier League, they haven’t forgotten their responsibility to the wider community, or indeed the rest of the world.

Bayern Munich have chosen to donate 1m euros (approx £730,000) in a response to the refugee crisis that is very much in the public eye at the moment.

This amount of money won’t solve all the problems of course, but they are doing their bit to help, as well as showing leadership and representing their community.

The cash will go to help migrants in Germany amid the spreading refugee crisis, funding refugee projects as well as providing meals and youth academy training camps.

The Bayern president Karl Heinz Rummenigge:

“Bayern has a social responsibility to help the refugees, needy children, women and men, to help them and to assist them in Germany.”

I can’t wait to hear Mike Ashley, or indeed any other Premier League owner, saying something similar.