Which are your best ever five Premier League goals that were scored by Alan Shearer?

With 260 to choose from, it isn’t an easy task.

The great man himself was asked the question this week and chose four for Newcastle and one from his days at Blackburn.

Alan Shearer was taking part in a ‘Walking Football’ match event (watch that video feature HERE) with Geoff Hurst and Harry Kane, when he was collared to give his top five.

Watch the video footage below of Shearer’s five favourite goals and his explanation of why he chose them.

The top five in reverse order are:

(5) Newcastle v Portsmouth – The goal to beat Jackie Milburn’s record

(4) Newcastle v Wimbledon – Shearer’s first ever competitive goal for Newcastle

(3) Blackburn v Norwich

(2) Newcastle v Aston Villa – Sidefoot volley into top corner from Rob Lee pass

(1) Newcastle v Everton – Thunderous volley from Shola Ameobi knockdown

Watch below and enjoy!