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£50m spent and they’re still not happy

5 years ago

Some folks in the media and even those purporting to be fans of the football club, seem to be labouring under the impression that some mystical subversive element amongst the Newcastle support, who were rightly aggrieved at the lack of expenditure in recent transfer windows, are somehow behaving like ungrateful children at an iced cream van now that £50m has been spent (allegedly) in the transfer window.

A popular accusation seems to be ‘they moan that no money was spent and now they still moan after £50m has been gone on players’.

It is a simple argument, a straw man argument made against a position which no one has stated, or is defending.

Put simply, I have yet to see anyone complain about the (alleged) amount of investment, more about how it has been invested.

Namely, ignoring the fact that we have fitted a burglar alarm whilst leaving the back door wide open, by not making significant improvements to what has been one of the worst top flight defences for the last few years.

This piece is not about investment though, or about improving the defence, this piece is about these incredible fictitious argument positions used by Ashley sympathisers to justify their adulation for the dark lord.

The next argument thrown around casually is this, ‘They all wanted Pardew out with their daft website, then Carver (even though they asked for a Geordie manager), and now look how mint Pardew is at Palace. You’d have him back now wouldn’t you?”….’

Well……no, definitely not. What this argument fails to mention is just how appalling the team were under Pardew, the repeated batterings we took, the clueless tactics, tepid football, lies to the fans, head-butting players, pushing match officials, swearing at opposition managers, and generally being a dreadful human being.

We were absolutely right to want him gone, make no mistake on that.

Onto the Carver misconception and I defy anyone to find me this swell of love for JC after Pardew’s departure, you won’t, because it simply didn’t happen. It’s another invented scenario used by apologists and lastly it should go without saying, that the man’s performance at Crystal Palace has absolutely no relevance to his time at Newcastle, the only evidence is his record…which (one fluke top 5 finish aside) was woeful.

A position I really enjoy when debating with an apologist is when they spout something along the lines of ‘You don’t even go to matches, what do you know’.

This is fantastic, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the person appears to be under the impression that attendance in a stadium bequeaths some kind of esoteric knowledge which can only be found when in close proximity to a football pitch, some drunk people and a meat pie, from a fixed vantage point.

Apparently this is vastly superior to high definition cameras with the benefit of slow motion replay, zoom lens and instant replays, weird. I get that going to matches is about the experience, I did it for long enough, but to imply some kind of secret society knowledge which can only be gained with the price of a ticket is completely bonkers, not to mention wrong.

The truth being that those in attendance have just about as much insight as those at home thanks to the saturation of media and the depth of coverage now available, they just ‘miss out’ on the match day experience, but in recent times the joy of that experience has become entirely more subjective than accepted, for the joy it brings.

Of course, the counter argument for those attending who spout this rubbish is that from the stadium they can see the whole game rather than just what the TV camera shows. Completely ignoring the fact that their eyes and brain are not actually capable of viewing and understanding every last inch of the match from their fixed vantage point, it is not physically possible.

Your eyes only have a certain viewing angle, and turning your head obscures your view of other areas of the pitch, it’s another tiresome and inaccurate argument to justify a position and refute that with which they do not agree.

It’s a source of amazement to me when our own fans regurgitate the bile of the gutter press and opposition fans to justify their own position, do they really miss Pardew and want him back?

Do they honestly believe that the transfers so far represent what the team genuinely requires?

Does anyone actually believe that those in the stadium have more insight to the workings of the football team than those who choose not to go, either for moral, geographical or financial reasons?

I hope not, as this would be the very definition of delusional.

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