The drawn out saga of Crystal Palace’s pursuit of Yohan Cabaye is reported to be drawing to a close by Sky Sports.

With apparently Newcastle United, for better or worse, not even bothering to go to the start line in the race for the Fernch playmaker’s signature.

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Yesterday brought reports that a transfer fee had been agreed between Palace and PSG, with personal terms all but agreed as well.

Now Sky Sports have just stated:

‘Sky Sources are telling us that France international Yohan Cabaye is on the verge of joining Crystal Palace from PSG.’

Some fans choose to go over the top about players currently playing for Newcastle, or who have recently done so – often that can be an age thing because after all, if the current lot are all you have watched then how can you compare them to what has gone before?

Whilst I think Yohan Cabaye was nowhere near the class/ability of what Robert Lee or Peter Beardsley (different players to Cabaye but at times played a similar position) did for Newcastle, I think he is quite clearly easily the best midfielder to play in this era of Mike Ashley control.

Along with Demba Ba, by far the best Newcastle signing(s) to have been made in this past 8 years.

Yes not a world beater, but a player where Newcastle were punching above their weight, that is punching above their weight under the strict guidelines that Ashley runs the club under.

Now Crystal Palace are very much the ones who are punching above their weight, a real statement of intent by Alan Pardew’s new club. Quite clearly he must have massively pushed for this deal to happen.

I understand some Newcastle fans being unhappy with how Yohan Cabaye acted when he wanted to leave an unambitious Newcastle United.

However, what I don’t understand are those who talk about a Cabaye deal being ‘too expensive’ for a player ‘of that age’. Or simply that the price tag surpasses his talent.

The same with his wages, some supporters happy that Newcastle United aren’t been landed with alleged one hundred grand a week pay for Cabaye.

yohan cabaye

Why do they care about that?

They talk of Newcastle as though it is a normal club, where as much money as possible is generated and then as much as possible of that is spent on improving the squad.

We all know that isn’t the case, the free advertising benefits Ashley and his retail empire, not the club. Whilst in terms of the actual money that is generated, it usually then bears no relation to what is then invested (or not) on players.

Yohan Cabaye is only 29 and I wish he was stepping on the plane to America this weekend, instead of Vurnon Anita, Mehdi Abeid, Emmanuel Riviere and indeed, Jack Colback.

It is a total falsehood that this idea of refusing to buy players over a certain age is somehow a great idea, we just end up accumulating a lot of players who aren’t very good, whilst the odd decent one (Cabaye, Ba etc leaves).

The theory is that they have a sell-on value but the reality is that chances are taken on younger largely unproven players who are brought in who aren’t good enough, they’re on long contracts and then become impossible to get rid of.

Clubs like Everton, Southampton and Swansea just try to buy the best players they can, young or old(er), then hope they produce the form they have already shown. Some players might never ever generate a further transfer fee but instead they get X number of years good football out of them.

Buying cheaper/younger players is a failed policy at Newcastle United and quality experienced players who can instantly do a job are priceless.

If Newcastle end up buying better players than Yohan Cabaye then I’ll be the first to say well done but I just think that we are pursuing a path that will only end up in certain failure.

  • Polarboy

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if Cabaye agitates for another move to a top 4/6 side in 12 months time if he has a good season, and that’s the problem. If I was a Palace fan I wouldn’t get too attached.

  • Cuse

    I couldn’t care less about where any ex-Newcastle player ends up plying their trade. There’s not a single player that has left us that I’ve ever thought “I wish we could get them back”.

    If Palace can get him over the line, then good for them. He’ll be by far their best player – a big fish in a very, very small pond.

    It tells you something about fans’ mentality that if this happened 3 years ago, we would be laughing at him for such a lack of ambition for joining such a small club. Now the usual grumbling professional complainers highlight it as yet further evidence that NUFC have no ambition.

  • geordie4567

    Not even Sir Les? I wished we had him back many times after he left.

  • SeanLynch

    Loved Cabaye, yes he threw his toys out of the pram a bit, but which quality French player at the Toon hasn’t in some shape or form?
    I’d love to see him back, his vision, driving runs and exquisite finishing would be wonderful to see again … but I must admit I’d much rather have Wijnaldum!

  • 1957

    Moving to guarantee first team football to ensure his place in the French team. After that he will be looking for a move to a Champions League team again, do we really want that scenario again even accepting he is a good player.
    I am far happier to try to bring in Wijnaldum, younger and more importantly I think Dutch players have a better attitude.

  • Drumbo

    It makes you want to puke, doesn’t it?

    FFS, Crystal Bloody Palace!

  • desree

    at 29 cabaye won’t get another move to a big club. we drpped 11 places without him, I think he would pay for himself as the fee would cover what we made from the psg deal.

  • NotFatFreddy

    The average fan thinks these ‘stars’ sign because they love the passion of the fans etc. but it is all about the money for 99% of them.  Cabbie will love London and Debauched is there.  He is of course playing for the mighty Palace and I am sure Cabbie can name none of their players over the last 50 years, but of course he has signed to play champions league and will mutter on about the great manager AP and the wonderful fans.  I say give him and AP some jip when we play them!!! 

    Thankfully we experienced Alan Shearer…one genuine man!

  • GToon

    I think Palace have come up with the unusual idea of looking at their squad and trying to improve it. It’s as if they want to do better in the league next season.

  • Chemical Dave

    Why not write an article emphasising the clubs’ ambition that’s impressed you most cuse ?

  • Demented_Man

    GToon Astonishing. It’ll never catch on, mind. Not at Newcastle at least.

  • Demented_Man

    Cuse They may be a small club but they are rapidly overtaking Newcastle.

  • slimting

    Did palace finish above or below newcastle , did your best manager leave
    would a great playet want to go to a clyb that had to fight a relegation battle on last day of season

  • Chemical Dave

    Elaborate on ‘best mansger’ ? If you’re simply implying he is better than Carver then his record from January two seasons ago is spookily similar to Carver’s since January last season. Got nowt against palace BTW, don’t take our dislike of Fraudew so personally dude.

  • Chemical Dave

    This cuse has to be a woman, nee way is it a bloke.

  • v0ices

    slimting he was our best manager last season but only because of the comical appointment of carver to replace him who knows if McClaren will be a improvement only time will tell. Pardew is certainly now at a more forward and football focused club well done to him for escaping ashley if only we supporters could have as much luck.

  • GToon

    They have a better squad than us and a more ambitious owner. Can’t comment on their manager though. Anybody know what he’s like?

  • GToon

    Mmm and we signed him when he was 28. Of course now such a silly transfer would never take place even though we sold him for the same price a couple of years later. Does Ashley or his bean counters not weigh up the money a player could generate at nufc in shirt sales, points gained or is it just all resale value. Very short sighted.

  • Cuse

    Chemical Dave Have you ever heard of the “Barnum effect”, Dave?

    Its the psychological trick employed by (amongst others) Mediums. Put simply, people hear what they want to hear. So when Derek Acorah says some woman called Ethel is speaking to Sam, some numpty in the audience suffers the Barnum effect:
    – I knew a woman
    – Her name was Beryl
    – That sounds like Ethel
    – Ethel’s friend Marjorie died recently
    – Marjorie met me once 40 years ago
    – The spirit must be wanting to talk to me.

    In effect – people hear what they want to hear.

    And that, dear, misogynist Dave, is why I don’t want to write the piece you trolled. Because it is only the professional complainers on message boards like this who are suffering the Barnum effect:
    – Swansea have signed a player. That’s such a lack of ambition shown by the Fat man.
    – The Chronicle are reporting that some guy in the pub reckoned Ronaldo would come to NUFC if we asked him. That’s such a lack of ambition shown by the Fat man
    – West Ham have spent £11m on a player no one’s ever heard of. That’s such a lack of ambition shown by the Fat man

    And so it goes on…But that’s probably such a lack of ambition shown by the Fat man…

  • Cuse

    Demented_Man Cuse I couldn’t care less if Palace are small. I was trying (clearly failing) to be ironic.

    I was making the point that my fellow NUFC supporting brethren are rather fickle.

  • Chemical Dave

    Anyone summarize her ramblings for me ?

  • GToon

    That’s ok and interesting but explain this then please….last season we were rubbish and nearly went down. We then sold and got rid of what is now approaching a team of players. We have not replaced or brought in an improvement for any of them. Without wanting to be sarcastic or a smart a..e you would exactly need a crystal ball or special powers to predict what the coming season is going to be like. A lack of ambition is a polite way of putting our current plight! And before I tell my kids a nightmare for bed time let me also point out that I know what my dearly departed father would have thought of this situation too!

  • Phildene

    Polarboy think he’s using CP as stepping stone to get back to PL-more or less what you’ve said. He wasn’t playing much at PSG as their manager doesn’t like him, so whereas he got CL football he wasn’t picked for his country through lack of playing time and coming back to the PL should give him that playing time. What I can’t understand is why CP with Pardew as manager as he’s a crap manager…..

  • alreet

    Let the ship sail. Yes he was good for us and yes he was a PSG benchwarmer. He will probably be quite good for them. Not sure if he will hit the heights he did for us coz that team that year just clicked with ben arfa raiding cisse like a possesed goal robocop and tiote the midfield tank.
    Pardew has never abd will never have a plan B that that was shown towards the end of last season for palace. If he keeps bringing on the same subs at the same time in each game you know hes panicing already.
    What was pardews record with every club he has been at? And at one point with world cup stars like tevez and mascherano on your side. Poor form.

  • alreet

    No mate one of our best managers came back and was treat like shite and the other was the godfather of football who took us to 3rd place twice and gave a run in the champs league. Oh yeah and he was a geordie lad as well. U ever heard of Bobby Robson?
    Have or will palace ever get to the champions league? Jog on sunshine!

  • Shipcote Willy

    Cabaye will improve the Palace squad which is the general idea at all football club except ours which a salesroom for players. We weren’t interested because Ashley has already made a fat profit out of him.

  • mrkgw

    I genuinely feel that signing for Crystal Palace will harm his international prospects. Time will do doubt tell but what a downward move for him. Must be desperate.

  • desree

    If Palace is his best option then it says something is up, but I think he can play effectively for another 10 years and he is smart enough to adapt his game like scholes and Giggs have. 12m spent on him is better value than cabella. We know with this team that cabaye and a pacey striker ba/remy makes it tick. Our defensive record was stronger too.
    I feel the fans are brainwashed into ashleys thinking around age and resale value. If signing Cabaye lifts you from 15th – 5th and you sell all your season tickets plus a good cup run every season then he has paid for himself.

  • Paul Patterson

    alreet  What’s your point?

  • Steve1221

    Pardew really must be an awful coach and manager for a player like Cabaye to want to work with him again.

  • Keithdeacon

    50000 boxes of tissues on there way to the northeast. . What have you done Newcastle. Pardew wasn’t your problem. Your tight fisted owner.o yes cheers for yohan cabaye

  • MinnesoToon

    Lets just say in theory that we decided to buy him back for that 10 million number.
    Basicly PSG would have paid us, what, 8 million to put him on their bench last year? 
    If he was willing to come back to Newcastle, we seriously blew this one. 
    Savvy move by the Puppet.

  • DownUnderMag

    A good player can make a positive impact for a club into his mid thirties, so lumping all players in this “too expensive for their age” bin is misleading.  It would make a lot more sense to judge it on a player by player, a case by case basis.  The all encompassing rule, no grey area, is limiting and is affecting us holding a squad of players together to build on anything.  I suspect that older players are more expensive in terms of wages and THAT is why Ashley refuses to play ball with them, but I see no reason why fans should be suggesting this is an issue, it isn’t an issue when you have someone of Frank Lampards age earning what he earns and still banging the goals in.

  • Duke Fame

    MinnesoToon The little matter of just short of £6m in wages costs must have been an issue.