He has been on trial at Newcastle United for only two weeks but Dani Koks is already making a considerable impression.

The 17 year old Ajax graduate is chancing his arm for a new football career in England and couldn’t be doing much more to earn a contract.

Travelling with the reserves on their pre season tour of ironically…Holland, the midfielder has been the best player and match winner in the two matches so far.

Playing alongside the likes of older/experienced players such as 22 year old Haris Vuckic (Newcastle clearly trying to ‘encourage’ him to move elsewhere by including him on this tour!) and 20 year old Kevin Mbabu who was on loan at Ranger last season, Dani Koks has stood out a mile.

In the first match of the tour against a young Vitesse Arnhem team, Koks scored twice (as well as an own goal and one for Liam Smith) to get the Holland trip off to a 4-3 winning start on Tuesday night.

Then last night (Thursday) saw Dani Koks again score twice to hand United a 2-1 win over an FC Utrecht second string.

dani koks

The Newcastle squad now move on to their next match on Sunday where Koks will enjoy a quick reunion with his former Ajax colleagues in a behind closed doors match, before they round off the trip next Wednesday against AZ Alkmaar.

Let’s hope Newcastle have impressed the young midfielder as much as Dani Koks has done with his displays on the pitch.

  • wor monga

    17yrs old…and knows where the goal is playing
    against older more experienced players…sign him up…no question.

  • amacdee

    What’s the catch ? If he’s leaving Ajax and choosing NUFC with our world renowned youth development history there has to be a rabbit off somewhere ?

  • 1957

    Sounds like he is a typical Dutch mentality, confident at a young age to come to England and make a career. Sign him up he looks worth the risk.
    We will attract more young players from Holland with McClaren as coach, his reputation over there is enormous.

  • alreet

    Sounds like a better prospect than our last young dutch player with a funny name brian pinas. Anyone remember him?

  • SeanLynch

    Any further news with regards the young Geordie lad who started a trial at the same time, Callum Douglas from Elche?
    Only a 16 year old and already 6’3″, but his goal scoring record is phenomenal  –
    La Nuncia
    06/07 – 47 goals,
    07/08 – 56 goals,
    08/09 – 41 goals,
    09/10 – 29 goals,
    10/11 – 52 goals,
    11/12 – 63 goals,
    Alfaz Del Pi
    12/13 (midfield) – 12 goals,
    13/14 (striker/midfield) – 25 goals,
    14/15 (striker) – 42 goals

    That’s a total of 367 goals in 9 years or an average of 40 goals per season. Just WOW!!!