That line has been crossed, Newcastle United the 20th club out of 20 Premier League clubs to get a signing over the proverbial line.

Saturday morning seeing United unveil Georginio Wijnaldum as an official Newcastle player.

With only four weeks until the new season kicks off and the players flying off this weekend for pre season in America, the Dutch international has calmed more than a few nerves.

The player recording a short video in perfect English to declare:

“Hi, I’m Gini Wijnaldum, I can confirm that I am a Newcastle player right now. See you soon.”

The size of the fee (£14.5m) and the fact the Dutch playmaker was assumed to be moving to a club offering Champions League football, are two things that have raised many eyebrows.

As Newcastle fans, the signing ticks a whole load of boxes. Not only the fact that a highly rated player is coming to the club but also the belief, that surely Wijnaldum hasn’t agreed to come to a club that could have been relegated only 48 days ago, without assurances that other signings are also on their way.

In hoping Mike Ashley has seen the light and this first domino falling, we now await to see which other ones will come toppling our way.

So many things were wrong with Newcastle last season that major surgery was needed, with a minimum of four quality players needed to address the problems at both ends of the pitch.

Wijnaldum can most definitely be counted as one of those four but at least one quality striker and centre-back are essentials to go with the Dutch international.

Watching footage of the new signing, his stand out attribute is arriving in the box and putting the ball in the back of the net, as his 14 league goals showed last season as he led PSV to the title by a resounding 17 points.


He looks a great team player but one who needs more jigsaw pieces to be purchased to go into our new look team, as not much point having a great finisher if he doesn’t get the service.

By the time the players land back on Tyneside from their trip to America, there will be just over two weeks until kick-off against Southampton.

If at that point we are starting to see what the new jigsaw picture will look like, then whisper it gently, but there could be exciting times ahead.

  • fireflyuk

    As you say a good start but nothing more, and if the rumours of Cisse leaving are true then we will be no better off. We had an incredibly weak squad last season and we have shipped players since so a long way to go in my book to have a solid full squad.

  • RaySte

    Hoping for a LB, a CB and a Striker at least, with no major players leaving. Would like to see a LB next as there’s no balance in the squad atm.

  • wor monga

    He can play anywhere on the field, and that’s why he is
    regarded so highly in the game…he’s not on the fringes of the Dutch team he is
    right there in the centre, and quite possibly one of the first names on the

    …he has the ability to work the ball through the middle, box
    to box…or has enough width of vision to see a long pass is on, and send it
    early…and has the confidence of his senior Dutch teammates to be the player
    instrumental when it comes to creative thinking.

    …He’ll be in his own box when it comes to heading clear…or in the opponents when it comes to meeting a high cross.

    …A total footballer, and make no bones about it this young player
    is already at the high level that Cabaye (good as he was), couldn’t attain!!

  • Jievo

    Getting tired of the “4 or 5 players needed to fix the squad” line, it’s getting as repetitive as some of the regime’s overused phrases. We WANT 4 or 5 quality players, obviously. I think to challenge for 8th as has been claimed as our target, we need at very least 3 new signings (ST, midfielder and CB). But let’s not forget that there are lads that have talent in this squad, and with the deadwood and unmotivated lads weeded out, the remainder fired up and told to play proper football, and some coaches who can actually coach athletes and train footballers, we should be safe enough. And for Ashley, enough to stay safe is the only “must”. Living in hope that he’s a changed man, but let’s leave that judgement until the window closes.

  • Jievo

    RaySte LB is the only position we have depth. Haidara is a perfectly serviceable PL fullback even under Carvdew’s coaching, he’ll be just fine under McClaren and all I’ve heard from the Gateshead game suggests he played well. Dummett, Anita and in a pinch Colback can all do a solid job at LB, it’s the only position I’m not worried about.

  • ArtyH

    Looking on the positive side for a change…..If we can off load Collo to Pardumbo for £2-3m and get a good replacement CB thats progress for me. Then the new captain could be Gini/Sissoko or Janmaat, all very capable and respected players. 
    For to make a sweetener for QPR I would suggest giving them Williamson and Gouffran OR Riviere and £10m for Austin. This would help QPR team wise and financially with players of PL experience. Also get rid of squad players off the wage bill ( notice I did not say deadwood or anything of that nature, :) ).

  • Greekgeordie

    Ok I agree we need a forward to produce goals, and a CB with experience to help in blending Good and the Forrest young lad, the rest of the transfers should be young promising lads for the bench, unless a first team regular leaves for what ever reason.
    By trying to bring in establish international players, you will find that there will be a problem for Maclaren, to keep them all happy, we are not Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal, with a squad of 15-18 internationals, also the idea of blending and promoting the youth will be unpractical.
    As for the position of LB there are a few players in the squad that can fill this position, so 2-3 promising players for the two vital positions of Forward and Centre Back will make me happy, everything else will be a Bonus, unless we loose a player already established in the first team, then a straight like for like will be necessary.

  • Alex Wilkinson

    Great signing Emmett!

  • magpie9

    I hope everyone isnt getting carried away with our fiirst signing & spending about 14 mil. This could be a great start but put it in perspective, 14 mil is less than half the loot fatty had stashed away last year & there should be a hell of a lot more where that came from what with player sales & massive t.v. deals. If 4-5 more quality players are not brought in it will be one more case of smoke & mirrors to get fans to pump more cash into fattys bank account