There have been recent rumours suggesting Newcastle may bring in everyone’s favourite nutcase, Mario Balotelli.

Rumours which are claimed to have been swiftly denied by new boss Steve McClaren.

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Most would be relieved at no entertaining of such a move, given his baggage and total lack of productivity for Liverpool last season. But should it be?

If we were to take a massive gamble on Balotelli in the shape of a season long loan with the option to cancel it at anytime…it would surely be totally worth it with what we could get in return.

He does crazy things.

He doesn’t always deliver on the pitch.

He always delivers off the pitch.

Having mental Mario consistently on the Toon every other weekend has guaranteed misdemeanors written all over it. But so what?

The lad can be class on his day and if we were to show him 100% faith he could respond in a very positive fashion. People like Mario Balotelli just need love and no fans in the country love a centre forward more than the Geordies. It could be a match made in heaven.

Let me put it another way.

Emmanuel Riviere arrived for the sum of £6 million and scored the eye watering total of one league goal all season. ONE.

mario balotelli

Now Balotelli did the same for Liverpool, however there is no doubt whatsoever which one has more talent. We could never be in the market for a high flying Balotelli but a misfiring one could be our chance to pounce.

I mentioned that Balotelli is guaranteed to create headlines off the field but I can’t actually remember too many from last season, so maybe he has toned down slightly.

Given the relief of not having the Liverpool glare from all pundits and ex-players off his back and having a solid first team spot in the Black and White could be exactly what he needs. He could relish the admiration and worship Toon fans bestow on their goalscorers like no other.

For the sake of a loan move, for me this seemingly far-fetched story should have more legs then it first appears.

No Newcastle fan can tell me, if Mario Balotelli raked up outside the ground to sign for us we wouldn’t welcome him with open arms, intrigue and a little bit of excitement.

There will be doubters, of course, but if he were to smash one in on his debut those doubters would become very quiet quite quickly. We haven’t had a consistent league campaign for three years so turning our noses up at Balotelli’s lack of consistency would be rich to say the least. At least he is entertaining.

We can’t do much worse then what we have to offer up front as it stands.

QPR wanting £15 million for Charlie Austin is somewhat obscene. The Bas Dost deal is dragging its heels. All we want from this season going forward is excitement. Mario Balotelli provides that. He is still only 24 (younger than Riviere), so if we were to bring him in on loan, have a couple of clauses in there to either cut it short if it goes pair shaped, or a nominal fee to make it permanent if he is a revelation.

Bring him in I say. Got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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  • IainElrick

    He’s overrated , frustrating, demanding, a lose cannon, will turn up at previous clubs press  conferences and thinks he’s bigger than the world… We’ll take him

  • Toonbadger

    on ya bike FFS

  • LeazesEnder

    No thank you Bano…. they wouldn’t pay his wages anyway!

  • Arlechinio

    Ask any newcastle fan who the most entertaining forward we ever had was and most would say the say thing shearer had the goals Bellamy had the pace sir les was sir les but asparilla was the show man he got the crowd on their feet. I see a lot of asparilla in balotelli, so what if he lets fireworks of in his bathroom asparilla probably shoots of his shotgun in his. Get this boy signed up

  • keeganRescueUs

    The main point for me is, apart from him bring mentally ill, is that he would take up a strikers berth and when it went south, as it most certainly would, the transfer window would be shut and we’d be left a striker short and another toon crisis would be upon us

  • Kev82

    I’d have more faith in Rivière than Balotelli. He has disaster written all over him and I would never want to see him in a toon top.

  • AndrewCowley1

    I agree.doubtful but if he did come he’d do well at a club where he’s the main man,won’t happen though.

  • v0ices

    keeganRescueUs yes our squad is overflowing with strikers. Of course what you say is right but its all a fantasy anyway we would not even päy half his wages.

  • FC Newcastle

    Only if he is injured as well. Riviere will still have more toon goals at the end of the season !!!

  • WaltGriffin

    Nasty norm, you are the clueless one…all you think you know about Balotelli is false, balo failed at liverpool, because of rodgers.

  • WaltGriffin

    What about Balotelli that makes you think he is mentally I’ll?

  • WaltGriffin

    You are a parrot.

  • WaltGriffin

    Wonder if anyone in England knows balotelli’s dad passed away yesterday…seem all they do in the UK is fake news!

  • WalkerLad

    Arlechinio I agree, Liverpool is a graveyard for decent strikers, Torres, Lambert, Super Mario and probably Ings have/will stuggle at Anfield. I’d love any of them at the toon.
    Eccentric strikers suit us, remember Mirindinia he’s not from Argentina he’s from Brazil, he’s f*”@ing brill ! Mickey Quinn was a little unauthodox or even Malcolm (make your own goals Kevin) Mcdonald were all mavericks !
    I’d luv it, luv it if we sign Mario the toon would suit him, I think he’d luv it too !

  • WalkerLad

    As tumble weed blows across the “transfers in” office at St James Park (name sponsored by WONGA) we all must remain optimistic ! The metaphor of the”we’ve got the cart” could could come back and haunt us if they sign “cart horses” lets hope that for once things have changed and Mr Ashley & Co are going to pull rabbits from hats and a great season lies ahead !
    I know its Saturday night but I have not been drinking, I just can’t handle another season of frustration & disappointment I have endured it all my life following the toon 1969-70 aside.

    Lets judge them on what they do in the window not what they have not done !

  • FC Newcastle

    Better to be a parrot than a useless, talentless knob like balotelli

  • ToonBano

    You’re so nasty norm…do stop.x

  • Duke Fame

    Nastynorm  he’s clearly not crap, he’d improve nufc on the pitch. I think Walt is right, the only place he’s not performed is Liverpool and that may be down to various personalities. If cue fan get some wages paid by lfc, id say yes, a loan with option to buy.

  • FreshFool

    Really struggled to read your comment. Keep up the grammar classes….

  • Amdrew Ryan

    A cant understand why that makes sense he’s like a spoilt school child personally can’t stand him

  • WaltGriffin

    Really, you had a hard time reading my post you myopic Buffon, and you think it’s my fault that you are FING stupid?

  • FreshFool

    *buffoon <<<<<<< I’m not Luigi

  • Paul Shipley

    Please no, have we not suffered enough…..

  • Robert Robson

    Nooooo thanks hes worse than cisse

  • snodgrass2

    You have got to be joking. Haven’t we had enough lazy arrogant supposed talented misfits at our club in the last 20 years. We are wanting to move on not revert to type.

  • Prince Wiredu

    You guys don’t know anything about Mario. Mario failed at Liverpool because of Rodgers and his players. Mario is a kid that has struggled from his first day in life. People have a natural dislike for him. He grew a tough skin to be where he is . When it came to playing for Italy , racist Italians had no option but to field him yet they choose rusty strikers over him. Mario to me has great natural potential than any striker now. His history said it all. And the fact that he only failed at Liverpool should make anyone know thrived pool is a clueless team. Sign Mario give him the trust and love up front and will give you goals. Is just simple. Liverpool players didn’t even wanna pass balls to him when he is playing. How on earth do u expect him to score goals. A striker is the only player that can be a passenger the whole season if the teammates don’t give him anything upfront.

  • WaltGriffin

    FC Newcastle Dude, balotelli has done more with his life when he was 19 than you will ever do with your life, this is how delusional you are, i know who balotelli is, you are just some random dude on a computer…and you somehow think you get to say this about him. hahah how freaking clueless you are! you must be 12, if you are older than that you are a freaking idiot!

  • WaltGriffin

    Prince Wiredu Well said, and i do know everything about balotelli, been a fan since he was 15, i know all about the racism, i know he was racially abused in Germany when he wasn’t even in the country or his team wasn’t in the game, i know while training for the Italian national team WC, Italians came to the training complex and racially abused him! so yea i am aware of what has been done to Mario!

    i know he almost died as a kid, i know his father passed last Thursday, i am a fan, i pray to god Liverpool gets rid of him and he scores 50 for the team he ends up with because Rodgers is the reason he failed last season, he played less than 15 games for Liverpool, and after the spurs game, when he seem to catch his form, Rodgers sat him for 10 games claiming he wasn’t running after hitting the PK, but i think he sat him because he showed up his then captain. i knew balotelli was in trouble at Liverpool when Rodgers came out and said ” balotelli ask him when will they have a press conference to announce his singing” he Rodgers, gloatingly said he told him that its not going to happen that he wasn’t that important…he intended to make balo fail from Jump!

  • WaltGriffin

    IainElrick he turned up at the inter press conference because he was there visiting masimo maratti who is like a father to him and the previous owner of Inter! that he was welcome back to Inter speaks for its self, masimo told me he regretted selling but did so because the racism towards him was getting out of hand and he feared for his life!

    As for the trips to the woman prison and those things they came from curiosity, i don’t know of any stupid person who is curious!

    For your misinformed azz, Mario Balotelli never said he was better than Messi, the sad thing is people like you believe everything you read in the papers. When asked of all the players voted the young European player of the year, which Mario won that year, which of them he thought was better than him, he correctly said Messi, that was turned into mario saying only messi is better than to he is better than messi…i assure you, if you take your time and really look into the truth not the fiction about balotelli you will realize two things, he is a better player than you think, and a way better person, one who build schools for the poor and has been funding an orphanage since he was 17, he does a lot of things better known footballers don’t!

  • WaltGriffin

    Let me school you, Balotelli last season ran 5.2 miles per game, louis the previous season ran 5.7 miles per game. I know you read the clippings and think you have a clue, but you don’t.
    Balotelli at Milan out ran most PL strikers, because the game ran through him…when he had a healthy SES he scored 12 in 13 games, because the teams were not putting 2 or 3 defenders on him.
    At liverpool one of two things happened, either the players were instructed by Brandon or Steven G, or they read the sports section and decided they were not passing to balotelli, Balotelli made runs but the ball never came because the mid field were too busy trying to become the next Louis, by the time they pass to him the D had recover and was on him.
    Look man if you use your brain you would ask, how come he was open at inter, city and Milan, because those teams had mids that know they were not strikers, and that their job is to pass the ball to the goal scorer, when continuo is in the top 3 of your offence there is a problem!