Newcastle United trained today in America, having travelled out on Sunday morning from Newcastle Airport.

When announcing on Sunday the 23 man squad who had flown out (with Wijnaldum to join them later) to the States, the club included the following:

‘Remy Cabella, Paul Dummett, Cheick Tiote, Mehdi Abeid, Sylvain Marveaux and Rob Elliot are not on the tour as they all work their way back to fitness on Tyneside following injuries.’

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Straight away somebody wrote on The Mag questioning whether indeed injury problems were the reason for all six not being in America.

In particular, it seemed strange that Cheick Tiote had played on Friday night at Gateshead and yet was too injured to go to the States.

Sure enough, when speaking to the media on Monday, Steve McClaren revealed this about Cheick Tiote:

“He has had visa complications, trying to get him over the visa issue has been difficult but it wasn’t successful, so he is training back home.”

This appears to be related to October 2013 when Cheick Tiote was given 180 hours community service and a seven-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, after admitting the possession of a fake driving licence.

Why aren’t the club just straight with both the media and teh fans, instead of stating something which they were always going to be caught out on?

As for Sylvain Marveaux, Steve McClaren also had further news on him:

“He is in for a hernia operation if not he’s had it already – it is four to six weeks I think.”

The problem with misleading on one thing/player, is that then you start to doubt other things you have been told.

For instance rumours have gone around social media tonight claiming that Mehdi Abeid isn’t injured and that simply the club/McClaren didn’t decide to take him. What the truth is on this one I have no idea.

As for Remy Cabella, there has also been speculation tonight on him, that he is facing a similar time out through injury as Sylvain Marveaux, the player allegedly set to miss the start of the season as well. Again on that one, just repeating rumours and don’t shoot the messenger!

What I do find interesting is that I am warming to Steve McClaren and especially the fact that he certainly doesn’t appear to be following a club script in interviews as Pardew and Carver clearly did.

As well as giving us the truth about Cheick Tiote today, before the squad flew out to America the Newcastle Head Coach was happy to state that he wasn’t happy with the trip and wouldn’t have chosen it himself.

Steve McClaren stating that due to it already being arranged he had to make the best of it but thinks the amount of travelling is counter-productive and he would have stayed in Europe by choice.

A refreshing change to the nonsense we were subjected to by Alan Pardew and John Carver, great to hear just what the bottom line is from McClaren rather than misleading the supporters.

  • magpiefifer

    They can’t help themselves can they!? The regime that ‘runs’ our club have done and always will avoid telling us fans the truth – after all we are only the plebbish supporters aren’t we!
    Will McClaren get his knuckles rapped for the us the facts!?

  • Paul Patterson

    I think the author is trying to make something out of nothing here.

  • Happyharrys2011

    As I’ve said before on here schteve wouldn’t of been my first or even my last choice. But it seems he can talk the talk. Now let’s see if he can walk the walk.
    Hopefully he keeps up the straight talking no matter what happens, and he doesn’t stoop to pardews and carvers level of licking Jabbas fat hoop.

  • geordie4567

    Haha, Jabbas fat hoop! Classic

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Now we really are getting desperate for negatives. Have you not thought that Tiote didn’t want the fact that he’s been banned from the trip because he’s been a bad lad being splashed across press releases? You conviently ignore that he HAS been injured and does need one on one fitness training – which he couldn’t get on tour. So what now, Steve McLaren, Simpson and Cathco have all joined some conspiracy with Ashley to blag us fans? Because that’s the only way these sort of pathetic searches for negativity could hold water. Do you know how totally fooking MENTAL you lot now sound? This obessive hatred for Ashley has totally overcome any love for Newcastle some of you had – IF you had any. Give it up before the little yellow van takes you away.

  • Happyharrys2011

    Think you’ve read this one wrong m8. Schteve said different to Jabba. That’s the positive here really.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Happyharrys2011 how have I read it wrong? It’s just one nit pick after another. Injured? Banned? Whatever! He’s not going and is getting extra training, why look for negatives? Crazy conspiracy theories. If you can make a statement without assassinating Tiote’s character any more – negative publicity – why would you not? It’s a TOTAL none issue, why try to make it out that it’s a sign of the club blatantly lying?

  • amacdee

    Paul Patterson There’s always two sides to an opinion Paul, yours and the right one ;-)

  • amacdee

    Blackandwhiteblood  I’ll get the straitjacket out B&WB, sounds like it’ll come in handy ?

  • Happyharrys2011

    I get where your coming from about a negative peice , but it’s only reporting the truth, or should we just listen to the clubs website and the preferred media partners?
    Schmarmy Schteve is actually going against the dictatorship which is not a bad thing. He is the one who said the opposite to what Jabba wants put out. And be honest who cares about covering the truth and checks reputation. It’s not like it’s going to hurt or affect it in anyway.
    We are all getting carried away by schteves confidence and 1 signing. It just show how low Jabba has pushed out expectations.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    amacdee Blackandwhiteblood lol, it might be. Macca has become the spokesman and he put it right when asked. It was a statement probably designed to protect Tiote, rather than mislead. It’s this desperate search for ANYTHING to drive up negativity that’s becoming increasingly boring and frankly,  a bit mental. Macca has been totally straight with us. He’s told us the money is there and it will be spent wisely. He’s happy there’s enough money to fulfil his needs. Why would he lie and make his job untenable? Change is happening before our eyes and it’s time to put the boycott stuff to bed. Ashley’s going nowhere – end of. But we’re getting what we wanted. More openness. A new staff. Money being spent. Attractive football. As a loyal fan of 58 yrs old, I’m delighted. About bloody time too.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Happyharrys2011 I reckon if the club did a u turn, he’d walk mate. New beginning – enjoy!!

  • fireflyuk

    Blackandwhiteblood amacdee But we’re getting what we wanted. More openness. A new staff. Money being spent. Attractive football???
    Strange comment as we have only bought one player and haven’t seen any football., attractive or otherwise.

    And do you expect Macca to say the money will be spent UN-wisely? You are Ashley’s dream punter. 

    I am not saying things are better or worse now (though having got rid of the last two managers, head coaches is a definite plus) but I’m not so desperate to believe things have improved overnight after 8 appalling years of mismanagement, lets just see how things go.

    In my view unless we spend at least another 30 million in this window (without selling any of our best players) then Ashley hasn’t changed his policies.

  • fireflyuk

    Blackandwhiteblood Happyharrys2011 Based on what?

  • Happyharrys2011

    I’m hoping but I’m not buying it yet.
    Just for the record Schteve would of come to Newcastle strung by his balls from Jabbas chopper if he had to. His stock has dropped so low he was sacked from a second division club and had no chance of getting a job anywhere else. That’s why he is here because he was free. I don’t believe he would walk if Jabba did a u turn. It’s probbaly his last chance in the big time, so ultimatley he does what he is told or he’s gone.
    But like you say theres always hope.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Happyharrys2011 He could walk on grounds of constructive dismissal, so his contract would be safe either way. Better get paid for doing nowt surely? The club couldn’t even contend it, thanks to Ashley’s public statement. So we’re back to the conspiracy theory once again. Get your tin foil hats on! Lmao!

  • Happyharrys2011

    Ha ha lol. I get where your coming from but thats all hypothetical. It’s fact that Schteve is at the last chance saloon. Not one single premier league club would of went for him. I was absolutely gutted when we were in for him, but my opinion has changed, he seems to know how to conduct himself, which really is a minimum to be fair, but it’s just that we have been treat like dogs for so long it seems like a revelation now. Like I keep saying let’s see if he can walk the walk.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Happyharrys2011 i’ve been led down that path too, but I’m ready to believe Macca, not Ashley. If this is his last chance – which I doubt – he wants it to work. He wants what we want. He wants us onside. He knows things we don’t and he’s telling us what he thinks we can achieve with the money he says is available. This isn’t Ashley saying it. This is the deal he took on and if it changes he can walk with impunity. He’s worked in football all his life and is very comfortably off. Ashley doesn’t own him. I go on evidence alone and I see huge changes to the point where denying these changes exist is just silly. If I’m proved wrong I’ll hold my hands up, but the evidence suggests I’m not. Give him the time he asks for. If he doesn’t deliver his job is untenable.

  • 1957

    Contrary to popular belief lots of people have difficulty getting into the States these days. Given Tiote’s numerous indiscretions it’s not a surprise but it makes you wonder why Cabaye was unable to go the last time we went to States because of visa difficulties.
    Well done McClaren for being open, but I doubt it was Mike Ashley who decided to give out a different reason as some on this site would claim. I would put my money on the clubs admin not applying in time, they perhaps didn’t expect Tiotevto still be there. if you have a conviction you have to apply as early as possible because it can take over 3 months to make a decision.

  • Wallsendstu

    ‘As they all work their way back to fitness following injuries’ can’t see the lie myself? I can’t stand the fatman as I have said many times before but do you honestly think that the press office will be getting told personally by him not to mention the visa issue. I am sure he has more important things to do like drink some more, spin the wheel again, then go and sun his fat body on his boat lucky sod.

  • Steve1221

    Tiote was injured the second half of last season, therefore he’s working his way back from an injury, why not stick to real issues instead of making them out of nothing.

  • Andgeo

    Totally agree! And currently there is still the potential for fatty to sell sissoko And for us to be no further forward. So far, the club has replaced Gutierez. We still need to replace Ben arfa, m’biwa, santon and r Taylor, just to be at the squad size we were at the start of last season.
    Desperately need a leader at the back who can defend and a goalscorer who doesn’t spit at people.
    I would accept progress had been made only if a high calibre signing is made in central defence and up front but with no further player sales.

  • JohnGraham1

    it is not Macca’s job to comment on Tiotes personal life!! He was been discreet for the sake of the player! Instead of broadcasting his legal implications , I don’t have a problem with that!

  • desree

    These articles remind of the story of a Japanese soldier who was found hiding in the jungle 50 years after the war. He was still defending his outpost, his sole purpose to protect.
    Had he opened himself to the possibility that the war may be over, he could have enjoyed 50 years of peace.

  • fireflyuk

    Blackandwhiteblood Happyharrys2011 Am I missing something about Ashley’s statement? 

    All I heard him say was; he will ‘continue’ to invest which would suggest that he will carry on doing what he has been doing, trying to make money out of the club. I also heard him saying that he was accountable for the failures NOT responsible, (there is a huge difference), and as he has now left the board he can now was his hands of any responsibility as to what happens next.

  • fireflyuk

    desree Or the bloke who thought the war was over and jumped up to celebrate, and got shot!

  • Happyharrys2011

    Yeah great comparison to Jabbas interview that was by chance approx 50 days ago!!!
    Let’s just hold our arses in the air for fatty to shaft us even harder. Schmarmy Schteve is talking a good game and we sign one player, so let’s just assume it’s all sorted. Ha ha ha lol wake up.

  • potski

    What a load of crap. There are no lies in the brief statement that was made. Tiote is returning from injury, Tiote is not going on the tour, and Tiote is training at Benton.
    Since everyone knew he had a conviction against him, and that getting into USA can be tricky in those cases (Barton and Cabaye couldn’t attend a previous US tour), then it was bleeding obvious why he wasn’t going.
    The only ones who didn’t tell the truth were those fans who did 2+2 = 5. He’s not badly injured because he played at Gateshead, therefore he hasn’t gone because he’s about to be sold.

  • Duke Fame

    Happyharrys2011 Who is Jabba? What is it  he actually said?

  • Happyharrys2011

    Ha ha lol. Jabba the hutt. Look him up on google and you will get the jist.