We bring you some classic comments from Sunderland fans talking about Newcastle United’s pursuit and eventual signing, of Georginio Wijnaldum.

There is some real comedy gold amongst what they have to say.

If you recall, it was Sunderland who were first linked with bringing the Dutch League’s player of the season to the Premier League and the story went that wily Dick Advocaat was the man to land this star midfielder.

The comments below are taken from the main Sunderland message board ‘Ready To Go’ and with over 120(!) pages of comments we had to wade through, we have brought you the best:

‘Advocaat is the trump card, if he can’t entice players up here then I doubt anybody can.’

‘I genuinely think he’ll sign for Newcastle mate, don’t know why and I hope he doesn’t, but I think he will.’

‘He can live in Newcastle and sign for us – half of our squad do.’

‘We don’t even know if we were genuinely after him, seems like we enquired and didn’t think he was worth the money.’

‘Somewhere there is a player who is twice as good as Wijnaldum for half the fee.’

‘I thought nufc needed a defence & strikers.’

‘He loves the league just needs Big Dick to welcome him with open arms. Maybe Dick is making them suffer before stealing him away last minute?’

‘I remember the days when de Jong and Anita were world beaters.’

‘They can sign who the f*** they want, they’ll still not be any better because it’s a circus up there and at the minute they couldn’t win a f***ing raffle against us.’

‘Have seen the lad play plenty of times, most recently when I attended the Feyenoord/PSV match in March. The lad is a good player, 15 goals from midfield takes some doing and there’s a reason why PSV can demand £15m for him. No point in dressing it up, the mags are going to be getting a cracking player and most of us would have been over the moon if he was signing for us.’


‘So after talking of how he’d be a fantastic signing for us how are we going to dress it up if he actually signs for them?’

‘Wijnaldum’s agent confirmed 2 weeks ago that we asked about Wijnaldum and we refused to pay the money. We want to do everything on the cheap and the club’s only interest is finishing 17th in the league, nothing more, zero ambition.’

‘Whether our supposed interest was bullshit or not I’m gutted to see him looking likely to go to the mags. Great signing for them.’

‘Reports now seem to be confirming that fee has been agreed and permission given for a medical.’

‘Not sure which is better, the people gan on like it’s a great signing who’ve never seen him play, or the people who have changed their opinion on him so drastically from him being class when he was linked with us to now being shite signing for them.’

‘That’s what quality costs. Us And the mags have to pay more than someone is worth if we want to genuinely improve.’

‘Good exciting signing for them, same as Cabaye to palace, I don’t know why people try and play it down or try their best to act like they don’t care – f***ing childish. Yet this place was buzzing when we signed a right back that most Celtic fans don’t see as first choice.’

‘Heard he turned us down because we don’t have an airport, an iconic shirt and a cathedral like. One in the eye for Sunderland.’

‘Tbf it looks like the ashley out shit has worked, Ashley is now spending.’

‘I think he will shine at the mags and they will end up selling him for 50 mil +. Typical Sunderland quantity not quality.’

‘Newcastle sign him = he’s shit, overpriced and all players from the Dutch league flop. We all know how this works. I remember trying to argue Shearer was a waste of money when the signed him!’

  • Paul Soulsby

    Plenty of honesty tbf.

  • Demented_Man

    Yep, that sounds like the RTG site alright.  Some of the posters are obviously quite intelligent and interesting but a lot seem to be inexplicably bitter about Newcastle.  If you run counter to the mob mentality you can expect some choice abuse.
    The sort of web site that gives you a sick feeling in the stomach.

  • Hez

    Some genuine good comments by Sunderland fans, unsure why we are subjected to these “hilarious” and “shocking” views of Sunderland and Palace fans, I’m a Newcastle fan reading a Newcastle fan blog

  • JpriceLFC

    Nufc have signed one player for a position that wasn’t a priority and now they think he is God and that they’re gonna win the league…. History shows us that more than not, Dutch players fail in the premier league and also it’s no good having one or two good attacking players when your defence is absolutely torrid! I think nufc have taken a gamble paying that kind of money for an unproven premier league player. Either way though Sunderland will still beat them this season.

  • Steve1221

    JpriceLFC Go away troll

  • JpriceLFC

    Lmao truth hurt?

  • Steve1221

    I realise I’m biting here but even the most optimistic of fans aren’t saying anything other than “good signing, a few more and we might reach mid table”

  • Jamiekgordon

    Dutch players don’t make it in the prem!
    Jaap Stam
    Rudd van nistelrooy
    Dennis Bergkamp
    Van Persie
    Dirk Kuyt
    Van der Sar
    Van der vaart

  • Kazie23

    I didn’t know dutch players fail in the premier league????!!!!
    Then how do you explain…Janmaat,Persie,Robben,Van der Vaart,Nigel De jong,Deguzman,Krul,and a whole lot more…..The dutch league are at a good level this century and they not like how they use to be..the players coming from that league can adapt real quick…players like Eriksen,Bony,Janmaat,Chadli etc…….

  • JpriceLFC

    Jamiekgordon  you missed a few…. but btw what I said was “history shows us that more than not, dutch players fail in the premier league” which means more have failed than have been successful. so I have no idea why you are listing off the most successful ones (oh yeah and have you noticed how short that list is in comparison with the amount of dutch footballers who have attempted the premier league?) but if it makes you feel better….

  • JpriceLFC

    Steve1221  nice to see a realistic Geordie, you are a rare one. but I think the majority expect Europe each season. you don’t get the most deluded title for nothing (not you personally but your fan base collectively) however I do agree with your captioned statement above. nufc and safc deserve more than relegation scraps

  • Kazie23

    Now name a few that never made it because I can only think of Anita

  • Jamiekgordon

    Stick to your justice for the 96 campaign because you are clueless.

  • Hez

    JpriceLFC not one NUFC fan has suggested Europe next year? why don’t you focus on getting some friends and a social life instead of coming and signing up to the other football team blogs, there is a big world out there.

  • Hez

    JpriceLFC  Boo hoo, this time  next we will win everything!! watch the grass mate its slippy and might cost you the league, ha ha

  • Hez

    JpriceLFC  watch the grass on the pitch mate, its slippy! ha ha

  • Hez

    JpriceLFC come on then name 50

  • AB233

    Demented_Man how is it “inexplicable” really, when this kind of article is on here?


    JpriceLFC Jamiekgordon you most still be upset about paying 13m for ryan babel haha he was dutch or could it be the fact that you support liverpool and it newcastle you really dislike cos of the fact you were robed out of 35m haha