Alan Pardew was accused of many things by Newcastle supporters in his time at St James Park but Crystal Palace fans are just a little touchy when it comes to the silver haired fox.

A cult hero as a player, little surprise that Mike Ashley’s former mouthpiece has now been put on a pedestal in South London, after he helped boost the Eagles up the table last season and above Newcastle, from the starting point of a mid-season relegation place.

Whilst earlier today he helped bring about the completion of Yohan Cabaye’s move to Palace.

Last night video footage went up on The Mag showing Pards in all his glory, conducting the Palace fans as they sang in tribute to him on the final day of last season, with not a touch of ego/arrogance…

All very light-hearted of course, but the Crystal Palace fans haven’t taken it lightly after the posting of that video footage/article on The Mag was brought up on the main Crystal Palace message board,

Here are a selection of the views on Newcastle United, our fans, our city…..

‘Seriously, Newcastle are becoming a side I detest. After falling for the toon army myth back in the keegan days I had a soft spot for them but that has changed. Their attitude towards Pardew was a disgrace. The man who worked under Mike Ashley not only kept them up but guided them to fifth one season. Their beloved Alan Shearer took them down!

Roll on seven months. Pardew took over, we were told by Geordies how sh*t he is, he took us to tenth Newcastle stayed up on the last day. Can they get over it, even admit that pards was probably ok? Nope! Latest link shows how obsessed they are! Pathetic deluded imbeciles.’

‘Strange bunch of people. Sad, deluded and obsessed. Completely agree mate, just come across now as sour grapes and very bitter about what idiots they were for letting him go.’

‘I have no respect for them now and hope Cabaye here will be another twist of the dagger, especially if he helps propel us further away from them, the t***s.’

‘The truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. They’re going down in May.’

crystal palace fans

‘I just think that they are in denial and ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ as the saying goes. And agree they are deluded full stop.

Let’s hope we rub more salt in the wounds this coming season?’

‘Feel sorry for Newcastle fans, Have been up there many times and its true to say that the whole town revolves around the football club. They are very passionate about their club and as an outsider it looks like Ashley does things to wind up the fans. Appointing Carver was a joke and it was by luck that they never got relegated.’

‘I don’t, f**k a lot of them. Ashley might be a prick, but he’s a prick who spent something like 200m on that club, without him, they’d be AFC Newcastle playing in the Conference. The club actually now turns a profit and if he’s no longer willing to spend money to please them, then they have themselves to blame.

And it worked, the Carver thing. They got the man they wanted and they stayed up (because Hull were even worse).

The Pardew out Campaign f**ked that club far more than Ashley ever did. Even when he was winning they were complaining.

Its the ordinary fans I feel for, who have been f**ked by both sides.’

‘I’m all for the fact that they love their club..but so do we; however we’re very much realists as to where we are and what we are capable of…they’re still stuck in the 50’s.’

‘If Newcastle, West Ham and Sherwood’s Villa can share the relegation spots this season I’ll be pleased.’

‘The real pratt and person to blame for thier demise is not the Lord God Our Pards (for he is blessed) but that fat pillock Mick (pikey chancer) Ashley.

Anyway their fans are nearly as bad as the Bin Dippers hope they go down.’

‘Amazing really, that even after he’s gone, they are obsessed with commenting on him.

I love the way AP acts as if he has an “ok” relationship with them, probably to wind them up.

Cabaye to score the winner against them, and Pardew to clap and wave at their fans at the final whistle at St. James’ Park. Can you imagine the hate?’

crystal palace fans

‘Spent a lot of time near Newcastle over the last few years and the majority of them are a decent bunch.

What really irks me about them is the ‘big club’ thing some of them have. They’ve won sod all in their history, have been in one domestic Cup Semi-Final this century, haven’t played in the Champions League since we had Trevor Francis, have had less success in the Europe League/UEFA Cup than Middlesborough, and have finished in the top 10 of the Premier League twice in the last 9 seasons, one of which saw them relegated.

They’re no ‘bigger’ than Sunderland, West Ham, Villa and I’d put them behind Everton, Tottenham and potentially even Southampton. If some of them would just drop this self-appreciation complex, they’d be alright.’

‘You call Newcastle supporters pathetic imbeciles yet you quite clearly have failed to see the joke so perhaps it’s you that is obsessed’

‘There is no joke. The Mag constantly takes digs at Pardew. Really funny mate, hilarious.’

‘One of my daughters moved to Newcastle and has completely changed my view of the place.

As a child from a working class area of London. I heard of the great poverty and financial distress of the good humoured Geordies. But having been up there a few times to visit and on business all I’ve found are aggressive louts who care for nobody but themselves and prefer to live in run down estates than to really pull themselves up.

They despise anyone not speaking like them and have been taken for fools by several United owners. So much for Northern Nous.’

‘Our record against Newcastle in recent years has been pretty poor. I’m hoping that the forthcoming season will put that to rights and that we can finally give them the dicking they so richly deserve from us.

More than pretty much anyone, we owe them.’

  • Demented_Man

    When I want an opinion from those southern wa**ers I’ll ask for it.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Who honestly cares?. Every club has gob-shites and we sold one to them, for actual money as well. Now he is running their club,(into the ground).

  • Durham_CK

    Does anyone care what fans of that tin pot club think. I don’t.

  • truemagpie


  • Elpeligro

    Pardew hasn’t had a chance to pardew their players yet. Wait and see is all I can say.

  • BearNUFC

    The last one has really angered me! I am from Leeds and went to Uni in Newcastle, Geordies are the friendliest most welcoming people I have ever come across, i absolutely love the city and would happily raise my none geordie speaking family there! Typical stupid southerners! I bet his daughter that has recently moved there is having the time of her life, away from annoying daddy.

  • BillytheFish

    Very negative story……..You obviously found the Palace neggers and trolls…..We all have them, just look at this site.

    I have a good mate who is a Palace season ticket holder, and loves the Toon, comes with me a couple of times a year.

    Let them have their day in the sun, it will be winter and raining soon enough….

  • magpiefifer

    Apart from one or two posts the ignorance spouted is unbelievable!
    The best thing is to rise above it and realise that like all clubs they have their idiots.

  • Polarboy

    To be fair I could do with less stories or videos about things that don’t concern us anymore. I was already well aware that Pardew was an arrogant with very little to back it up, I didn’t need video evidence. I will however most likely reserve a little smirk for when Pardew inevitably b*llses up at Palace. He may even have another decent season, but on evidenced throughout his career it eventually turns to sh*t.

  • King of Zamunda

    they should all check out my new website

  • Jezza_NUFC

    You can talk about Pardew’s disastrous track record as manager till the cows come home but that is only half the story. The very first thing he did as Newcastle manager was to lie to the fans about the impending sale of Andy Carroll and that set the tone for the next four years. The way he conducted himself as NUFC manager was utterly disgraceful from start to finish, head-butting a player during a match, calling a well respected opposition manager a c**t on the touchline, manhandling a linesman, need I go on. That vile excuse for a man was a huge embarrassment to our club and we are well shot of him.

    In any case just give it a few months and they’ll have changed their tune about Pardew. It is noticeable that West Ham, Charlton and Southampton fans never have a go at us over our attitude to Pardew.

  • CaptainCaveman

    Why is this even on here?  And why do things about Pardew keep getting posted?  He’s gone, let’s move on.

  • lupamac
  • Hez

    Why don’t you change the name of this site to The Pardew, it’s all you write about, obsessed

  • RichGibb

    We need to rise above any back and forth antagonism about Pardew and people from the past that may or may not have been the best thing for the club. Yeah he paid a lot of lip service to MA, but he also did ok in a couple seasons given what he had to work with.
    I do think he’ll get found out at Palace, as he has everywhere he’s been, but I wish them all the best of luck with next season anyway.

    As for The Mag; I’d like to see more balanced articles and less hate, mockery and anger directed at all and everyone (so it often seems). This sight could be a positive place which reinforces fan solidarity, because we’ve certainly let the crap MA puts us through divide us in recent years. Only one man wins then…

  • millerdona

    It really is only this ridiculous publication that perpetuates this idea that Newcastle fans are obsessed with Pardew… Every day I see a new article in my NewsNow Crystal Palace feed, but as I can see from the comments below proper Newcastle fans are just as bored as I am… Why don’t you move on and start writing about your own club? Managers leave – why are you still so obsessed? Did he shag your wife as well??

  • TonnekToon

    Why on earth would anyone give a flying FoOk about what any of them think , we’re well rid of the man . Its pointless harping on about the chancer . He’s gone , end of !

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Oh no, Palace fans don’t like us! Will I ever get over this? We don’t think we’re a big club, but we know we’re bigger than they’ll ever be – it’s like being insulted by Darlo lmao. What manager in his right mind signs a player who has already gone on strike against him? Make a mug of me once, shame on you. Do it twice, shame on me! Personally I haven’t given him a second thought until now and it’ll be a long time before the third. He’s history. Shame Palace fans lack a sense of humour, though god knows they’ll need one. It was a bit of fun, get over yourselves.

  • Steve1221

    Yeah after his 1st half season he managed to almost Pardew our players into the Champions League, terrible manager.

  • vin1892
  • EastStander

    Whatever happened to the classy palace coin thrower. Did they find him?

  • Palace fans don’t like us??
    What…..both of them???

  • LeazesEnder

    millerdona Thats where they got it from…. The Mag article yesterday…. I didn’t read it myself

  • Polarboy

    In something completely unrelated to the above. I don’t make a habit of it unlike some of them, but when it was looking like it was between us and the Mackems for Wijnaldum I checked one of their fan forums in case they had some extra insight. I must admit I couldn’t resist having another look to see what they are thinking now. It’s fu#king hilarious, it’s a mixture of infighting, sour grapes, denials that they thought he was class when he was linked with them and comments to the effect that he’ll probably be sh*t.

  • EastStander

    Now now, play fair theres about 20 juveniles who jump up and down and throw coins. You know the ones who according to the london media make it such an intimidating creche i mean ground

  • emphraser

    Yes, while following the Cabaye talk I’ve noticed Palace fans doing a lot of redirecting to the Mag in order to highlight the lack of respect their club is getting. If anything they should see the Toon Army as kindred spirits -King Percy just too much of a wedge I suppose. Keeps them coming back though. They don’t seem capable of understanding it’s not about them because they’re unable to fully appreciate the minutiae regarding Pardew tenure with NUFC. His ego was too big to be Ashley’s yes man. He seems proud of his ego, as most with ego’s that sign are – too proud to work with (for) someone who has just as big an ego and all the authority.
    I think he’s in a place much better suited for him. Not because they’re smaller or any of that, he is, I think admittedly, a bit of a c*nt and his new bosses are letting him be himself – and in a good way for Palace fans, so they need to lighten up.

  • Porciestreet

    I’m looking forward to P45,s seccond season kicking in and we’ll see what they think of him then. Worth a giggle eh…..!

  • Porciestreet

    And he’s on the last rung of the ladder now….. @ “Croyden West End Boys Club FC.” 
    It’s got quite a ring to it don’t ya think………!
    Ashley Out……………..!

  • Porciestreet

    I dont wish Palace nowt at all. They hinge just like the Villa fans and the sooner theve gone the better.

  • TonnekToon

    Porciestreet TonnekToon Aye ,  Best place for him ! Ashley Out……………..!

  • Porciestreet

    Given injuries and suspensions, strikes and stupidly playing player out of position all round the park, It was the luckiest season of any Newcastle team in my living history and I’m a proper old git…..!

  • v0ices

    Jezza_NUFC i remember the fans of previous pardewed clubs warning us of the long term effect.

  • mrkgw

    Palace down this coming season?

  • RaySte

    It’s probably because they read the nasty, arrogant and condescending comments that the know-it-alls on this site  aim at their FELLOW GEORDIES, underneath these articles and assume all toon fans are that up their own arse.

  • 1957

    If you look at last season in a reasoned way, under Pardew we began the season the way we finished the previous one using a system of play that didn’t suit the players and one that saw us lose consistently. Pardew produced a purple patch that saw 5 consecutive wins and then presided over average performances until he left. At that stage I honestly believe the players had just had enough of his methods and if we had appointed a competent coach we would have finished way above Palace, but we appointed the village idiot instead and the rest is history.
    Pardew may be the best manager in the Premier League (his own words I believe) but I was pleased to see him go. The complete clean out of senior coaching staff has been good for us it’s what we desperately needed. IMO we now have coaches being constructive and talking sensibly after 4 years of self promotion and general failure.
    Palace supporters are welcome to Pardew, and Cabaye, their patience will be tested when ‘Pards’ historical bad patch occurs during his second/third season and after a good season Cabaye will be talking Champions League again and a move to Arsenal

  • Elpeligro

    Only six places away from champions league. So very near.

  • Steve1221

    4 Champions League places, we finished 5th…. By my maths that’s one place

  • RaySte

    1957 Pardew is an absolute mystery to me. I remember a tongue in cheek article a year ago which named him football’s ‘man of the year’. It said something like ‘just when he’s convinced you he’s crap, he goes on a run of 8 wins where he beats Chelsea and Man City’. We had some dire times under him and some good times. You have to look at the response he got out of those Palace players when he moved there though – Bolasie in particular looked immense after xmas and he got that Murray fella banging the goals in. And to rub salt in the wound (for us) he beat the mackems 4-1 on their own turf. It’s a funny old game.

    That said I think Carver’s malign influence at the club has been greatly underrated and it was only when he became manager people realised how bad he was. His coaching must have been to the detriment of the squad for years though. I’m hoping the change in the coaching staff is the change we really needed all along (I’ve a feeling it is).

  • Elpeligro

    Sorry thought you were a palace fan. Misread your comment. Fair enough we did finish 5th but like the other guy said we were lucky. Although I don’t see McLaren as a world beater I think he’ll be more consistent.

  • 1957

    Can’t disagree with what you say, my feeling with Pardew is his message and attitude loses the players after a while, generally when he starts to believe in his own publicity. Carver is clearly a nasty bully who has no people skills and when things get tough is incapable of seeing his own faults. Imagine going to work for someone like that every day.
    I might be proved wrong but the messages from the new coaching team give me some optimism for the season ahead.

  • Belfast Ali

    You’re still a prick though ha ha

  • desree

    I think most of the comments are fair by Palace fans. Some of the behaviour by our fans is bad, Pardew wasn’t the problem, the transfer policy was. No matter what you think of Pardew and I don’t like his behaviour, the bloke had 50,000 hurling abuse at him for a year. he had the resilience to deal with that.
    maybe these comments should be reflected on with our own behaviour and wipe the slate clean.
    not suggesting we should all buy season tickets but the team and coaching staff should be supported.
    Lets give pardew another 12 months

  • RichardBraverman

    Die Crystal Palace Scum

  • Andgeo

    Pardew is a dimwit.

  • Demented_Man

    Belfast Ali I’ve obviously got under your skin, Belfast Wally.  No idea why.

  • Munich Mag

    Blackandwhiteblood 15 million for an average 29 year old. Great piece of business :-)

  • kes

    Stupid people saying stupid things. No further comment necessary.

  • lupamac

    ‘One of my daughters moved to Newcastle and has completely changed my view of the place.
    As a child from a working class area of London. I heard of
    the great poverty and financial distress of the good humoured Geordies,
    it ,s obvious to me that it must have been her mother that had the brains. either that or she was shaggin one of the many painter and decorators she had round whilst you were away on one of your frequent business trips to our lovely city.
    any way pal have a great life in Sarf Landon .. i for one will be voting for Croydon as the next city of culture.. with its lovely Parisiene boulevards and many delightful suburbs such as Sarf Norwood and Addiscombe. and the awe inspiring bonfire you have at Reeves Corner with  free take away tvs (boxed) .. free drink and food etc….. (infact anything you can carry)..

  • 1957

    I doubt it, he was probably one of the gang who tried to mug my son when he lived in the Crystal Palace area for a while, the police couldn’t find them either despite also having CCTV.

  • EastStander

    Scummy pricks. On a par with the sad qpr fans who invaded the pitch last season.

  • Brownale69

    will he last out his contract at Palace……….