Newcastle complete their pre season tour of America with a friendly against Portland Timbers, the match kicking off at 7.30pm local time on Tuesday night, which is 3.30am on Wednesday morning in the UK.

The hosts will be providing live online coverage of the match via this link.

Whilst Portland Timbers do play in the MLS, the game is actually billed as being against their second team (T2) who play in the third tier of football in America, alongside Sacramento Republic, who United were very fortunate to beat at the weekend.

As for Newcastle, fans will be hoping to see new signing Georginio Wijnaldum playing from the start.

The artificial surface means that Fabricio Coloccini is all but certain not to play as he has an Achilles problem, whilst the surface may also rule out those who have recent made a comeback from injury, such as Steven Taylor.

When the game was first announced, Portland Timbers said that they would probably play a few players from the first team on top of their usual second team.

However, it now looks it could be a truer test for Newcastle as the Timbers’ coach Caleb Porter has now indicated that there will be stronger first team representation than first thought.

This is partly to give some players game time who didn’t feature in the first team at the weekend, whilst also providing a better spectacle for their fans against Premier League opposition.

Oregon Live reported:

Porter said some first team players could play 45 minutes or 90 minutes in the match. He said that Timbers players , George Fochive, Nick Besler, Andy Thoma, Taylor Peay and Anthony Manning will likely play a full 90 minutes in Tuesday’s game.

While Portland players Maximiliano Urruti, Gaston Fernandez and Rodney Wallace will likely play 45 minutes in the match. Other first team players could see minutes as well.

“We’ll want a mixture of some first team guys in that game. They are a good team, so to give ourselves a chance and also to give the fans a little bit of an exciting game, we want to put some guys in that game.”

Hopefully Newcastle can step up on the three very average at best displays so far in pre season, with Newcastle fans hoping Wijnaldum plays from the start and helps to energise those around him, whilst also playing his own game.

  • amacdee

    After Saturday night I knew it was two hours I’d never get back. Shall I risk assuming McClaren has got the message across and watch with a few beers on hand or just not bother because it’ll be more of the same ?

  • DownUnderMag

    Currently losing 3-1 and there’s only 30 minutes gone.  Still can’t defend set-pieces it would seem.  New defender can’t come quick enough. Players looked panicked on the ball and now resorting to the tried and tested hoof-ball…you would hope it isn’t from taking it lightly and the players feel like they are fighting for their places.

  • Adam_B

    DownUnderMag  OMG, what an atrocious defensive performance – but look at the first half defence! Hardly a defender amongst them! Is the manager so short of funds to buy defenders that he’s trying to convert (ordinary) midfielders into quality defenders in 3 weeks? Maybe he is an alchemist or (rather more probably) maybe we need to buy some defenders……

  • Adam_B

    DownUnderMag  OMG, what an atrocious defensive performance – but look at the first half defence! Hardly a defender amongst them! Is the manager so short of funds to buy defenders that he’s trying to convert (ordinary) midfielders into quality defenders in 3 weeks? Maybe he is an alchemist or (rather more probably) maybe we need to buy some defenders……

  • MattGranger

    The commentators are making it so much worse !! ‘He beat the premier league CB Ferguson’ ‘the premier league proven satka is being easily beaten’… -_-  End this please

  • amacdee

    Adam_B DownUnderMag Gotta bear in mind that Wally wanted everyone to get a game. Having said that a back four with Satka and Fergie in the centre hardly instills confidence.

  • lupamac

    DownUnderMag  spot on . i never thought id be thinking to meself , get Taylor & Williamson on.. 4-30 am  and im watching this $hite.

  • amacdee

    Not much on the bench for reinforcements. Janmaat perhaps but who to replace ? Satka and Fergie look way out of their depth and Bigi’s not doing himself any favours either.

  • lupamac

    amacdee  2 players who couldnt make the scottish league second tier

  • lupamac

    MattGranger  and the commentators . the T2 manager will learn a lot from playing a premeeeership side.

  • stepaylor

    So after the first half against Portland Timbers here is  my assessment.

    Firstly it is obvious we have very little depth at centre back and right back. Bigirimana at right back is never gonna be quick enough to play at the top level as a full back. He is tidy on the ball but lacks any real pace. Satka needs more experience before he gets a chance in the premier league. Mehdi Abeid is obviously a talented player, strong, quick but his passing is sometimes off. He is definitely one to keep though in a squad of 25.

    Cisse does not offer enough in general play, Aarons needs to be signed on a long term contract right away. He is obviously an incredibly talented player. Goufrann is not a midfielder (not sure what he is anymore). Shane Ferguson is not premier league level.

    Mclaren experiment with a back 5? Its not for me but he for sure knows the game and the players better than me so we will see i suppose.

    I see now Armstrong is on for the second half. Definitely a good move

  • lupamac

    how long was that ball for the 4th goal in the air

  • Porciestreet

    The result or the standard of the opposition doesn’t matter. What was glaringly obvious was that we are screaming out loud for a couple of centre halves that can get off the ground. Had this been City or Arsenal, it would have been a proper ambarrasment. As it was, it was bad enuogh.
    Proper defenders PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.           HWTF.

  • DownUnderMag

    a few back late on but let’s be fair, those would not have gone in
    against better opposition.  I think it’s safe to say we have found out
    that Aarons is a good player, Bigi and Fergie can’t really defend and
    neither Gouffran or Obertan can cross a ball. Pretty much as it was
    then, nothing new to report!
    What is worrying though is the likes of Man U, Liverpool etc playing higher opposition than we are and getting the wins, our pre-season opponents have been of a very low standard and still we are looking shaky and very very unsure of what we are doing.  I am a believer in the changes McClaren wants to instil in the side, but if the quality isn’t there to perform that way then we could be in for some frustration.  I think we got away with the quality in the squad for too long because of an ultra-defensive setup designed to minimise damage, now we are trying to play more expansive footy we are looking very weak in far too many areas.
    Hopefully they are getting used to things and just aren’t pushing as hard as they could do, coupled with players being used in different positions as McClaren tries out a few things to assess his options.  I’m sure he has been far from impressed and perhaps he has been playing a make-shift defence to prove a point that one defender isn’t going to be enough!