Sheffield United v Newcastle United – watch all four goals below.

Steve McClaren was full of praise for the opposition yesterday but at the end of the day they are a third tier team.

Just watch the absolutely shocking defending for both of Newcastle’s goals.

Our Dutch goalscorers deserve credit for being alert, especially Wijnaldum for a really sharp finish, but you’re not going to get many gifts like these in the Premier League.

However, there has to be every justifiable fear that Newcastle will be doling out more giftwrapped presents like this first goal they give away.

This excellent clear footage shows just how terrible a goal it was to concede – Taylor is terrible on the offside attempt but Mike Williamson…

Don’t want to crucify him but if you watch him on this goal it sums up exactly why he just isn’t up to Premier League level.

At first I thought Tim Krul had no chance with the final goal of the game but having seen this, I think he will be a little disappointed that he didn’t get a better hand to it.

Anyway, watch for yourself below and decide.

  • Toonbadger


  • wor monga

    Gini’s goal was pure class…he was onto that loose ball in a
    flash, and the finish was unstoppable…you can see why the Dutch put so much
    faith in him, and it’s not just because of his workrate, and running…it’s because he
    can also turn up in the right place at exactly the right time, and make it
    count…De Jong didn’t do too bad at that either.

    …The opposition weren’t PL, but any defence in the world can
    be pressurised into allowing the ball to run loose around their area…the skill
    is having the awareness, and pace to be onto it first…that’s why the top clubs
    have defenders who can react quickly, and get control of the situation…in Gini,
    and Mitrovic we might at last have found players who can better them.

    …The least said about our 2 CD’s in a partnership the better…possibly
    swapping them with Sheff U’s lads might even be an improvement

  • v0ices

    wor monga the opposition were not even championship.

  • wor monga

    v0ices       Doesn’t matter that much…the number of players on the field
    is exactly the same, and the field is roughly the same size…a much ‘lesser
    rated’ team can be set up to defend it’s lines very effectively…

    …where the
    difference counts is in having the extra capabilities in your ‘higher rated’
    team to break that organisation down…that’s football, and why cup results are
    never ever a forgone conclusion.

  • tkSteveFOX

    God almighty, that was horrible defending on our part and Krul is just sleeping between those sticks, Brind in new CB`s!!!