As Papiss Cisse was scoring the only goal of the game at the International Stadium on Friday night, the Turkish media were claiming yet again that the striker had agreed terms to move to a Super Lig club.

On this occasion, the report states that the Newcastle striker has agreed a move to Trabzonspor.

AMK report that Cisse has allegedly agreed a 3m Euros (Approx £2.2m) a year deal to join the Turkish Super Lig club.

However, they also report that agreement hasn’t been reached with Newcastle United, due to their 5m Euros (Approx £3.6m) bid not matching United’s valuation.

This must be around about the tenth time in recent months that there have been claims of Papiss Cisse heading to Turkey, with only days ago tale sof him replacing Demba Ba who has left Besiktas for a move to China.

Whilst this latest one probably has as much credibility as those that have gone before, I find it easy to imagine that Mike Ashley would quite happily allow 30 year old Papiss Cisse to move on if a decent offer is put to him.

Especially with the Senegalese striker contracted to Newcastle until he is 32.

However, hopefully alongside credible signings such as Georginio Wijnaldum, Ashley has learnt his lesson and won’t sell a player like Cisse unless at least one quality striker is lined up to come in.

  • RoboRat

    I’ll be sad to see Cisse leave the club. Our daughter was very ill a couple of years ago and spent the Christmas period in the RVI hospital (Newcastle). Cisse, along with a few kids from the junior squad came to the Children’s ward to sign some autographs etc. He seemed like a really genuine lad and spent time with the kids, while the younger players were more interested in the nurses. A real gent.

  • Durham_CK

    At the minute Cisse seems to be our only goal threat. If he is to go then it must be after at least 2 strikers come in. So let’s get our finger out and put bids in for Austin and give Mitrovic a deadline to sign. We don’t want to be strung along by these 2. If they don’t want to join then we need to move on to other targets.

  • ArtyH

    One great signing but will more follow? I think the only Aleksandar we will get will be a Meercat toy with the insurance deal for a players car. I do not think he is interested in NUFC and if thats the case he is no use to us.

  • wor monga

    Reporting this piece of nonsense from the ‘outer limits’, just
    stinks of ‘let’s find some way to damp down the good news feel that’s buzzing
    around the place”…a bid of £3.6million for a quality PL striker like Pappiss…give
    ower man!!

    Has nobody put you in the picture, yet…the club is recruiting
    these days, and those players who are surplus to requirements have already been
    given the message…Cisse is not one of them, and if he goes it will be for a
    much more realistic amount, in keeping with his goal scoring abilities…

    Ashley has taken up a back seat on any hiring and firing…now that the financial
    futures of the club are assured.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Man of the match last night and our premier league saviour over the last few seasons ,would be madness to sell without at least two proven strikers coming in ,as it is 3.5 million is peanuts compared to premier league survival ,even if he does run his contracted down and leaves for nothing !

  • armoadam

    Jimmywayhay Agree, he should be kept and we should add one more striker. Mitrovic, Austin, Dost. I really feel he will be kept.

  • fireflyuk

    wor monga I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or a born again Ashleyite?

  • Ankles

    If MA has said we have to let some players go to balance the books then I’m not that bothered if one of them is Cisse. Yes he’s scored goals but I’d prefer a player with a more complete all-round game and greater mobility. If he doesn’t score, Cisse’s overall contribution  usually isn’t that much. Given his age, it might be time to move him on now.

  • armoadam

    Ankles Unless we bring in two high profile strikers, we cannot let Cisse go! No way!

  • v0ices

    fireflyuk wor monga he has always been a ashleyite

  • LeazesEnder

    fireflyuk wor monga He’s a born again prat