Today looks as though it is going to be Newcastle transfer D-Day.

That doesn’t mean I think we are sure to sign anybody but it does look as though we have a number of factors coming together, that will see certain players making their decisions.

How strongly Newcastle are in for the players is of course purely speculation, though the sheer weight of it, and some looking more credible (possibly…) than the norm, leads me to believe that if they are going to happen then it will be today or never.

With Mike Ashley we do of course deal in extrene behaviour and as was shown two summers ago when Newcastle bought not a single player, he could also easily repeat that behaviour, no matter how little sense it would make to the rest of us.

Yesterday though brought to the boil long-term Newcastle (largely media-led) ‘interest’ in two players, striker Aleksandar Mitrovic and playmaker Georginio Wijnaldum.

Lee Charnley was widely reported as having been in Holland on Tuesday to discuss a deal and as of late last night, the story remains that Georginio Wijnaldum will travel to England and discuss terms today.

newcastle transfer

With the two clubs said to be in the same ballpark area for the transfer fee, though there was a suggestion that Everton are now also interested in the player.

In Aleksandar Mitrovic’ case, Newcastle have been credited with an interest in him for a considerable time. According to the Italian media last night, his first choice club AS Roma had decided not to match the fee that Anderlecht were demanding and the striker is also due in England today to discuss a move with Newcastle. Once again, Newcastle are said to have agreed a transfer fee with the Belgian club.

Both deals are said to be costing at least £11.5m each in transfer fees, an acceptance by Mike Ashley of what decent players cost, if indeed everything stacks up and the deals happen.

I don’t claim to have inside knowledge but with Newcastle flying off at the weekend for their US trip and PSV due to go to Switzerland today for their pre season, plus Mitrovic’ drawn out transfer saga definitely looking to come to an end (wherever he ends up) – I do think this is make or break with these deals.

With Newcastle seemingly having no interest in Yohan Cabaye who looks to be signing for Crystal Palace and Charlie Austin apparently too rich for Mike Ashley’s tastes.

It would be realistic to think that if Newcastle were ever going to land talked about players, then they would be from the likes of the weaker Dutch/Belgian leagues and not players from the Premier League (Austin) or who have proved themselves previously in the PL (Cabaye).

Instantly, Newcastle can offer the likes of Mitrovic and Wijnaldum much higher wages and of course that foothold into the Premier League.

With most supporters believing that a key part of any negotiations for such players, will include dangling a carrot of Newcastle United being sold as a stepping stone towards a ‘bigger’ PL club if they show enough at St James Park.

Everything else is quiet and even links to new ‘transfer targets’ have dried up.

For Newcastle to get the level of players who could allow them to bounce back next season, it was never going to happen via signing total unknowns. Which meant that going for decent players was always going to put the potential deals in the public domain, as the selling clubs looked to spark interest elsewhere and a higher price.

With only four weeks until the start of the season and over a week of pre season training already gone by, today is looking a real d-day for transfer and the possibilities for next season.

IF, and I still see it as a big IF, both Wijnaldum and Mitrovic travel with or join the Newcastle squad in America then it gives us all hope. They would still have to adapt to the Premier League but in terms of creativity and goalscoring they go a long way to ticking the boxes.

On the other hand, if everything fades away in the next day or so and only the current set of players tour America, the writing is really on the wall.

Just over two weeks of pre season will remain when they return and it would be Mike Ashley’s biggest gamble yet if he allows this squad of players to stumble into the new season without major investment.

Hopefully today will prove a lot more interesting than the other 45 days that have passed since the near disaster of last season came to an eventual end.

Fingers crossed.

  • Hughie

    No sign of defensive strengthening–amazing –as I have pointed out before second and third worst defence in the PL in the last 2 seasons. Partly down to shocking coaching I suspect, but also players who are not good enough, and who will not improve. Two high quality proven PL centre backs should have been priority no.1–where are they???

  • Cuse

    “…if everything fades away in the next day or so and only the current set of players tour America, the writing is really on the wall…”

    Utter nonsense.

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Get the centre halfs in as well for christ sake. Chester from hull could have been done and dusted weeks ago if they really want him

  • Atech

    This is shocking! Newcastle been linked with everyone but no one is turning up…

    I agree, center halfs are an absolute must for NU next season. Sniffing around Georginio Wijnaldum makes me wonder what will happen to Moosa in the next few weeks…

  • Duke Fame

    Hughie I don’t see us going after two centre halfs, nor do we need two. three days ago, we were not buying a striker or a midfielder now it looks like we have bids in with the clubs that are more or less acceptable. I’d be happy to wait on the club delivering.

  • Simon Sharp

    D is for “Do f*** all”

  • NottsToon

    Utter nonsense is something you appear to be well versed in judging by the puerile diatribe you post.
    Tell me where the nonsense is in the club who had the most work to do in the transfer market this summer not having signed a single player with only 4 weeks until the league kicks off again?
    Was the transfer market a surprise to them? Did they not identify targets in January as we were told? Why are other clubs not experiencing similar difficulties in getting players “over the line”? Why do we still have the same centre half’s from the relegation season? Why are we the only side in the top flight to have made a profit in 9 out of the last 10 transfer windows, whilst seeing league position decline? Where is the massive TV contract money being used? Why did we avoid relegation on the last day with over £30m sat in the bank? How could it possibly have taken 18 weeks to appoint a new manager, sorry I mean head coach, whilst heading towards the trap door? Why the hell do you come here to flog your club propaganda when we all know it’s just utter shite? Are you a mackem, a troll or just an idiot?
    Pick the positive bones out of that numb nuts.

  • v0ices

    Duke Fame Hughie more or less probably meaning less than.

  • Hez

    NottsToon  @cuse why did we sell a CH and a full back in January when we were short and back already and were reduced to playing a RB at CH and midfielders at fullbacks, a policy that nearly got us relegated? to be fair you could go all day with Ashley but season ticket holders are so blind

  • Hez

    Duke Fame so you think Collocini, Williamson and Steven Taylor are Premiership quality and should be core of our defence next season! remember we had to play part of least season with full backs in the centre of defence as we were short on a number of occasions. Two CHs are a must if we are to push on as Ashley promised

  • KevinBrown11

    Would you deal with this man, see picture above I wouldn’t

  • toonterrier

    More like double D day or dumb down day as we know it with more rubbish and promises coming from the club but we know they wont deliver. As for the clown above if I was in talks with him I would delight in taking the micky out of him . Not the man for the job but then he’s one of many.

  • desree

    It seems clear to me that charnley has boasted to MA that he has hired a top coach who will get the best out of players. MA has said great, no need to sign any players then, more profit, well done Lee. now go make me a cuppa.

  • Duke Fame

    Hez I’m suggesting we need one new centre half, of which one of Collo, Williamson, Saylor, Dummett or Lacalles can partner.

  • Duke Fame

    NottsToon I suspect we are slightly behind the curve as we did not know which league we would be in.

  • Hez

    Duke Fame if we want to be a top 8 club we need  2 CH’s in my opinion, Williamson is useless, Saylor is very injury prone, over weight and hardly played for three/ four years, Lacalles struggled to break into an average Forest side last year so I see him as back up and to be fair I quite like Dummett at CH but he is a left back and needed to cover another injury prone player, Haidara. That leaves an aging and positional error prone Collocini  as first choice

  • Hez

    Duke Fame NottsToon  we didn’t know which league we would be in due to the negligence, profit chasing of Ashley and his mob for the reasons stated above. The club did state that they had identified an “unbelievable” list of players to sign in the next window in January, around the first season ticket deadline. Agree about the name calling

  • Cuse

    NottsToon Numbnuts? Wow.

    The Mag’s comments – raising the intellectual bar for football fans since never.

  • NottsToon

    So basically you have bullsh1t, bravado and no answers. Crawl back under your rock you numpty.

  • David Williams

    D is for Doomed

  • NottsToon

    Sorry if I offended you petal.

  • NottsToon

    And also, how is that an excuse for inaction in January? Having a woefully inadequate defence for years then weakening it further by blatant profiteering?
    If you came home to find a bloke with one hand in your wallet and another in your missus would you blame it on the economy?

  • kuromori

    Cuse NottsToon Okay, let’s raise the level. Please explain why it is utter nonsense to think that a squad currently *weaker* than the one that barely escaped relegation is going to be fine next season after every other team has strengthened.

  • v0ices

    kuromori Cuse NottsToon also explain what is so hard in making advance plans for relegation and survival. of course the answer is doing nothing puts more money in ashleys pocket.

  • magpie9

    D day stands for delusion day if you think there is any chance of us signing those 2 players today

  • Cuse

    NottsToon The internet is your safe place, isn’t it?

  • Cuse

    kuromori Cuse NottsToon That wasn’t the question.

    The statement was today was “D-Day” and if we didn’t sign anyone today, the implication was we wouldn’t. Ever.

    That was nonsense.

    As to your question, its a strawman.

  • Cuse

    v0ices kuromori Cuse NottsToon Another strawman.

  • NottsToon

    The internet is just the Internet, I’m not the one being troubled by the attitude of strangers on a forum. Probably best for you to go and have a nap before supper, don’t want you getting too excited flower.

  • Cuse

    NottsToon  “If you came home to find a bloke with one hand in your wallet and another in your missus would you blame it on the economy?”

    Firstly – comedy gold.

    Secondly – No, but I’d be a little surprised.

  • Cuse

    NottsToon Troubled? 

    Keep repeating it: I am a beautiful & unique snowflake. I AM a beautiful & unique snowflake.

  • v0ices

    Cuse v0ices kuromori NottsToon in other words you have no real reply.

  • Cuse

    v0ices Cuse kuromori NottsToon A real reply to a very silly question?

    You’re right, I don’t.

  • v0ices

    Cuse v0ices kuromori NottsToon silly question about why a club could not make plans for both staying in the premier league or relegation? yes indeed it would be foolish to have plans already in place so action could be taken it may disrupt the one way cashflow into mash holdings.