With less than four weeks to go until the Premier League kicks off again, the naming of the Newcastle Captain and vice-captain(s) is imminent.

When asked in recent days about the Captaincy, Steve McClaren simply said ‘There is no decision yet’.

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It is a year to the day that Alan Pardew revealed that he was keeping faith with Fabricio Coloccini as Newcastle Captain but was spreading the responsibility, both in terms of the number of players he was relying on and the areas of the pitch they operated in, by naming two vice-captains to share the load.

13 July 2014  – Alan Pardew:

“At Newcastle I have great faith in Fabricio Coloccini, but we have also just announced two official vice-captains in Cheick Tiote and Siem de Jong, who was captain at Ajax, giving us three players from different areas of the pitch to take that bit of extra responsibility.

At that point there was over five weeks until Newcastle kicked off the season but of course United didn’t have a new manager/head coach who was only just getting to know the players.

A combination of Fabricio Coloccini’s poor form and a perceived lack of leadership as the team fell apart around him last season, led to many fans calling for a new Newcastle Captain to be appointed.

Daryl Janmaat was the most popular choice in various polls, due to him being Newcastle’s best player and somebody who could lead by example, as well as being relatively vocal compared to most of his teammates. Moussa Sissoko was given the job in the absence of others but as he struggles to even motivate himself, I think very few Newcastle fans would see him as any kind of candidate, though midfield partner Jack Colback would be a popular choice for some.

Now though United could be spoilt for choice and if McClaren goes for a trio as Pardew did, then both Siem de Jong and Georginio Wijnaldum must be prime candidates, having captained Ajax and PSV in their time at the Dutch clubs.

Added to this is the fact that with five Dutch players they could well be forming the backbone of the team this season.

As for Fabricio Coloccini, if at least one (preferably two) much needed quality centre-back is brought in, then Colo will be no automatic choice.

The reality being that certainly last season he would have feared for his place if it hadn’t been for the almost total lack of competition.

United are desperately in need of a new direction and a fresh start, so for my money a combination of Janmaat, de Jong and Wijnaldum gets my vote, with possibly Siem de Jong the choice as Newcastle Captain, providing his fitness outlook is healthy.

No doubt the Newcastle Captain and vice-captain(s) will be named during this tour of America, as just over two weeks will remain before that Southampton match.

United need new leadership right through the club and with Steve McClaren and his coaches that has happened behind the scenes, now it has to be translated onto the pitch.

  • NicMayer

    i dont think tiote should even be playing for us anymore, his sucks at keeping the ball and his distribution is even worse.. he should be sold

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Wijnaldum or De Jong for me. Both likely to start when fit, so it boils down to one or the other. Just the sheer positivity of Gini swings it for me, but like everything in football, it’s down to personal opinion.

  • Nutisbak2

    NicMayer  I think you may well see a revived and different Tiote later on next season.

  • Hughie

    Colback for me

  • Happyharrys2011

    Let’s hope so!

  • JohnnyNUFC

    The gong shud go to De Jong

  • 1957

    It’s not unfair to suggest we need to finish the clear out of all of the first team management from Pardew’s days, that means Colo who went missing far too often when backs where to the wall. The impressive thing about the Dutch players we have is they are not frightened to deal with the media, unlike Colo, and they are always positive in a measured professional way. Colback would be an option I suppose, but purely for their experience at the highest level I hope we’re going Dutch.

  • ArtyH

    From a purely practical stand point I would give the captaincy to Gini, he is a recognized leader from PSV and it would give him insensitive to get to know the players and the new system we are to play under. Collo is finished as a player and captain. De Jong with his injury problems would not be on the pitch enough, you need a captain to lead ON THE PITCH! IMHO Janmaat would be the ideal co captain or lieutenant ( vice captain ) as for me he had a great season last year and played almost every game, a vital commodity in choice of candidate. This would completely change the dynamic of the team and get away from the French domination of the last few years and would hopefully give the team a bit of heart. 
    Coaching has been a big problem at the toon for years, so lets hope Steve Mc can do something for our players.  

    Remember when Sir Bobby came in and revolutionized the team and revitalized Shearer simple by telling him to play on the ” half turn ” instead of his back to goal? A few vital observations turned into training ground routines worked wonders for the team. While Steve Mc may not be everyone’s choice of coach, we have to believe due to his experience here and abroad he will be better than the last shower we’ve had to put up with for the last few years.
    The crunch will be on transfer deadline day, will we add the quality needed and if so how many? 

    IMHO the Austin deal is dead now since Man U have sold Van Percy and Liverpool have £49m in the bank from the Stirling sale. 

    We are currently looking for a few horses and a couple of wheels for the cart.

  • Jievo

    Colback for me, Gini and Janmaat as vice-captains, although Krul is another who could be in with a shout – I find it hard to be comfortable with the idea of giving players who don’t know the club particularly well the armband. In a year or two, sure, Wijnaldum, De Jong or Janmaat might be excellent choices, but for my money Colback is a link between fans and team and I can think of nobody I’d rather see representing us and nobody I trust more to keep his head up and keep showing effort even when things get bad. Krul has shown his loyalty and love for the club when nobody would have blamed him for pushing through a move, so he’s got a solid argument too. Janmaat as third choice for me. Wij and De Jong I’d like to see play a full season or two before consideration.

  • Darren Hogg

    Colback for me then Janmaat and Ginio for vice slots

  • Paul Patterson

    Colback as Captain and Gini as vice captain.

  • Charlie Jordan Galante

    Wijnaldum captain and Janmaat and de Jong vice!

  • wor monga

    De Jong, and Colback must be the front runners…De jong
    because he has the grounding (and experience at the level) which Wijnaldum will
    obviously respect…and Colback with his local heritage which they will both

    …what matters most is they are all experienced, very capable, and
    have their professional heads screwed on the right way…the main thing is take
    it away from Collocini, and let’s see some real captaincy for a change…

  • Darren Hogg

    love the translation haha the Kenilworth Captain and the Navy Man and the Young Vice :-)

  • Darren Hogg

    In that case if Janmaat is the Navy Man surely he should be Skipper ? lol

  • Charlie Jordan Galante

    Haha, I wouldn’t mind throwing colbacks name in the hat either

  • snodgrass2

    Jievo It’s not about knowing the club. It’s about knowing the game. Give it to Gini as he seems well qualified.

  • snodgrass2

    JohnnyNUFC Unlike Colo you would always know where he is……………in the treatment room.

  • stepaylor

    wor monga agreed, you get alot of criticism sometimes on here but to me you always talk alot of sense

  • Happyharrys2011

    The only person who should get the arm band is Colback. Why on earth would it be anyone else. He is a Geordie and wants it as much as you and me. The rest are just people with jobs at a football club. Colback has everything a newcastle captain needs passion, commitment and he can actually play football. (And for a full season.)

  • Jievo

    wor monga Agreed, I wouldn’t mind De Jong or Colback, Jack would be my first choice but I’ll support any change of captaincy as long as it’s moved from Colo to one of the leaders in this team – based on leadership and effort last year, that’d be Colback or Janmaat. 

    De Jong has the pedigree and as long as he’s had time to get to know the lads during his endless recovery last season then he’s a good option as well, Krul would have been one of my favourites in past seasons but he kept his head down too much last season and needs to prove himself as a leader and an organiser. And Gini seems a good option but give him a year to become part of the team, either he’ll take responsibility naturally over the course of his first year (as Colback and Janmaat have done) or he won’t, and then we can decide whether to give him an official leadership role next summer. Outside of those 5 I don’t see any other options, Haidara and Dummett are too young, inexperienced and don’t command respect, Colo has lost it, Taylor is an imbecile, Sissoko and Cisse aren’t reliable enough. Tiote is a sensible enough option but shouldn’t be starting next season.