I don’t blame anybody for trying to look on the bright side, whether in your everyday life or especially when it comes to gauging Newcastle players.

There are 50,000 different views inside St James Park plus many more outside of there, some Newcastle players we are more inclined to give another chance(s) to than the rest.

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However, after a certain period of time I think we all eventually have to accept that there are players who will never be good enough.

Newcastle players who may well be able to make a living in football but not in the Premier League.

It’s no good saying ‘remember when…’ and then recalling the one or two decent things they might have done in three or four years at NUFC, that does not equal being good enough for our first team.

Obviously if these players end up in the team then you support them the same as the rest, the point being though that teh warning bells should be going off if we have any of the following players being described as doing great in pre season training, or the dreaded ‘like a new signing.

These players are not good enough and need to move on for both their sake and ours, they aren’t Premier League standard and never will be.

Nine examples of bad judgement in the transfer/contract process over the years, some of course much more striking than others.

The number of Premier League matches for each player and the number of years since arrived/played in first PL match:

30 in 4 seasons – Gabriel Obertan

21 in 5 seasons – Sammy Ameobi

4 in 4 seasons – Haris Vuckic

13 in 4 seasons – Sylvain Marveaux

7 in 4  seasons – Mehdi Abeid

newcastle players

7 in 5 seasons – Shane Ferguson

3 in 3 seasons – Gael Bigirimana

17 in 2 1/2 seasons – Massadio Haidara

14 in 4 seasons – Rob Elliot

I’m guessing that Haidara and Abeid are the most contentious for some of you but they aren’t good enough in reality, they each have a little bit of what you need but nowhere near enough at the top level.

Of course we have many other players who aren’t Premier League quality, such as Emmanuel Riviere, Yoan Gouffran and Mike Williamson, but I think the difference with the nine above is that because they play so rarely over a long period of time that fans start believing that they are better than the reality.

  • amacdee

    Squidward is an embarrassment to this club. If the Fatman had any sense whatsoever he’d have included the baldy headed waster in the compo package when Pardwho joined Palace. After all he was the grey haired numpries signing.

  • Jievo

    Haidara and Abeid both ought to be around the club, and Sammy too. All three have shown flashes of real promise and I don’t see why anybody slates Haidara – nothing extraordinary about him, sure, but more reliable in defence than Santon ever was and more of a modern attacking fullback than Dummett, who belongs at centre half. If we can get a top LB, then sure, he’s a squad player, but for now he’s more than worth a starting XI place, more than most in our current lineup. Abeid and Sammy are more contentious, both have promise and ability but no consistency – for Abeid I’m afraid I’m still blaming the Pardew/Carver dynasty’s unwillingness to play youth however dire the senior options and however well the youngsters play. And that leaves Sammy… I agree, not a player for the top half of the league, but who can forget the form he showed in our brief run of quality last season? I for one would like to see him under a proper coach, either he makes it or he doesn’t but he deserves a shot, and we could have much worse for cover.

    As for the rest, no complaints from me, a lot of dross who need replaced.

  • zemtex

    Sammy is the only person I’ve seen put in a cross from the left in about 5 years!

  • SeanLynch

    Bigi was playing every week, was seen as an ideal replacement from the inconsistently good but consistently fouling Tiote, his performances week by week were improving and whilst no world beater he was far and away a better cm than Willo is defender! 

    As for Abeid, I think he’s made possibly 3 or 4 mistakes on the pitch while playing for us, has impressed the majority of the time and only looks to be missing match practice. The lad is also set-piece specialist yet was always denied the opportunity to take them by Raylor or Cabella, who’s attempts were consistently horrendous.Must be pointed out he was good enough to get into double figures at Panathinaikos and was wanted by them to play in the Champion’s League, lack of funds being the only stumbling block.
    A decent manager and trainer instead of the dross we’ve had may well have molded these lads into quality stars instead of also rans.
    I’d add Haidara and Sammy to those above too

  • Andgeo

    Nowt wrong with abeid, marveux, haidara or vukic. Just havnt been given the chances to impress. Particularly while the rest are so shyte!

  • mentalman

    The majority of the players named are young lads who were only given a chance when there was no other option and then immediately dropped when a square peg returned
    Every player on that list deserves a chance under a decent coach

  • Andgeo

    The only criticism I have of haidara is his first touch. The horror tackle of mcmenemin could have been avoided if he had taken better control of the ball (not condoning, the player (it was a shocking tackle), Martinez or their twit chairman) and he has come close to the same since with bad first touches.

  • LeazesEnder

    The shirt doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players…. unless it came from Spo*ts Dir**t…..

  • 2 Tone

    Completely agree.

  • 2 Tone

    All a matter of opinion of course but to me you’re completely wrong. Everything I’ve seen from Abeid , Bigi and Marveuax from day one cries out that they were (are) good footballers. Sadly they fell under the spell of Pardew and Carver who have not got a clue how to develop talent.
    McLaren is (was)?a good coach who I really do believe COULD get the best out of them.
    Like 3 new signings indeedU0001f606

  • 2 Tone

    Not sure what the hell all those digits were all about!!!

  • 2 Tone

    Forgot to mention in earlier post but again agree about Haidara. Energy, pace, a great left foot, any halfway decent coach and he’d be a belter.

  • ellislbw

    zemtex You obviously didn’t see Jonas’s cross for the first goal against West Ham then ?

  • KenChambers

    More of the same from Ashley. He spoke about bolting the horse to the cart – that makes a carthorse which is exactly what he will buy for us again – carthorses !!

  • jim3maxwell

    Accept your point but wonder if there is not a sub-text about players who looked as if they could have been good enough, and,  if ‘ honest, were for a time (Gouffran,, Marvaux and maybe Anita) but were let down by the inept way our players were trained, coached and employed tactically. The many problems at Newcastle are institutional. We need to point the blame at the organisation and running of the club rather than the scapegoats.

  • DownUnderMag

    I think that every one of those players should be given a chance under the new coaching structure.  I think the likes of Abeid, Marveaux, Obertan and Gouffran have all had good games for us, but are all more attacking players and were too often asked to play as a holding winger or some such nonsense. 
    Gouffran is a prime example, he was bought as a striker and Pardew used him instead of Jonas to be a winger who tracked back and covered the defence.  Would you buy Messi and stick him in a holding midfielder role??  The players listed do certainly have their limitations, but when the manager actively avoids playing to their strength you can’t expect them to work miracles.
    I highly suspect they would not make the impact we need anyway, but it’s harsh to bag them out because of tactical ineptitude by the former manager/coaches.

  • 1957

    It’s unfair to dismiss the young players Abeid, Vuckic, Bigi and Haidara, they simply haven’t had a chance to show what they can do as 31 games between them shows. In different circumstances last season and with the previous manager/interim coach still on board Perez would start to become one of the players under discussion. The development of young players at the club has been dreadful for years and over the last four seasons their only chance they really had was in the normal two cup ties a season.
    Unless they were an instant success in generally average sides, Pardew cast them aside and moved on.
    At the time of his signing Pardew bigged up Marveaux as a player he really wanted but in reality he was a player not suited to Pardew’s high tempo long ball game, is he seriously not as good as Sammy? The fact Obertan and Sammy have played so many games illustrates Pardew and Carver’s ineptitude.
    If McClaren can only get a couple of these players in or around the first team on a regular basis he will have improved on Pardew and his mottly crew of arrogant bullies.

  • fireflyuk

    Wasn’t it around this time last season that pardew was spouting off about obertan, telling us how he brilliant he was in training and will be ‘un-playable’. He was half right I suppose, you can’t play the fella.

  • zemtex

    ellislbw zemtex I’m sorry, I didn’t realise I was in literal land. My point is we have a massive lack of balance in the squad. Janmaat storms down the right, debuchy before  him. Santon always came in on his right, and Dummett’s never beat a right back in his life. How many left wingers have we had lately that beat their man and put the ball in the box. It doesn’t happen. At least when Sammy’ s about he puts in a few crosses per game.  But you’re right, because a player whom is no longer at the club put in one cross from that side then… wait… what is your point exactly?

  • zemtex

    I’d give every single player at the club a blank slate now Carver’s gone. You could put him in charge at La Masia and he’d coach the talent out of every single one of them.