We might have feared it but never could have quite believed it, that four days after pre season training started and only five days before the opening friendly, Newcastle United are still to buy a single player in  this transfer window.

Of course this hasn’t stopped the newspapers selling their wares based on transfer stories, quite the opposite.

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Only two years ago Newcastle almost got relegated and then spent a whole summer without buying one first team squad player.

I’m not saying that is necessarily going to be repeated but one other thing has certainly changed for this transfer window.

Sitting here today, there isn’t a single Newcastle player that I would be gutted to see leave.

On a sliding scale, there are some I’d be very disappointed to see go, others I’d rather they stayed, whilst the majority I would happily drive them to their next club.

Over a period of years, Newcastle’s star players have either been sold or are pale shadows of what they once were.

No matter what the fees were (which after all is a bit immaterial to us anyway as it doesn’t make any difference to Mike Ashley’s transfer actions), I was gutted to see Andy Carroll, Yohan Cabaye, Mathieu Debuchy, Jose Enrique, Hatem Ben Arfa and Demba Ba leave the club.

Yes some of them have proved to be flawed characters, some have had serious problems with injuries, plus issues when it comes to competing for a place in the team at an ambitious club.

With all six of these players I would worry when they were linked with moves because I couldn’t see how Newcastle would attract a better player, or indeed anybody as good, especially within the cynical way Mike Ashley controls the club.

History has shown so far that we Newcastle haven’t improved on any of these six players, even Hatem Ben Arfa, can you honestly say that he wouldn’t have contributed a whole lot more than what Cabella, Ameobi, Obertan and Gouffran offered in total last season?

transfer window

He may not have been reliable every week but that is what comes with creative players, especially wingers, if they are capable of doing it every week then they are real superstars.

The exception to the above is Mathieu Debuchy, in that Daryl Janmaat has proved his equal, though in my opinion not his better as many people choose to believe.

I think it was a disgrace how he handled his departure last summer by declaring before the world cup that he was going to decide his future after the competition, though he did want to play Champions League football….but this doesn’t alter the fact that he was superb in 2013/14 and for many people their player of the season.

Getting back to where we are now, after that 2011/12 season I would have also been gutted to lose Fabricio Coloccini (voted onto the PFA team of the season that year), Tim Krul (no keeper better at that point in my opinion) and Papiss Cisse (half a season of averaging a goal a game and 90% of them goal of the season contenders).

They might still be three of United’s better players but that is only because they are playing alongside Riviere, Williamson, Gouffran, Cabella, Dummett, Ameobi, Anita and so on.

It is a massive (but sad) hidden relief that I no longer worry about reading the transfer gossip with concerns that this is the window when Cabaye or Ba or whoever is finally going to jump.

Newcastle’s best players last season were Daryl Janmaat, Jack Colback and Ayoze Perez.

Perez is promising and could be a decent Premier League player, Colback is a worker and with Janmaat, the fact we managed to sign somebody who was as good as Debuchy leads me to believe we could do it again. The reality being that there are a lot of players out there who can do a good job at full-back but very few who can score or create goasl, or be the centre-back who you build your defence around.

United’s most talented player is Moussa Sissoko and the one who would command the biggest transfer fee if he left. However, after his lack of character and effort over much of last season, his heart clearly isn’t at our club and not somebody we can rely on.

It would be bad news if he left because I do feel he will put it in this time because of next summer’s Euros in France, but he isn’t somebody I have grown attached to or look forward to watch playing.

It is a bit like Mike Ashley’s retail giant, he has a few name brands that help to get the punters in to then buy the rubbish that is piled up around them.

If those are stripped away though, then you have something that more resembles a jumble sale than anything that would pull you through the door.

This is Newcastle United, a team without superstars but with a few who still believe they are.

Selling our most talented players and replacing them with cheap alternatives has proved a disaster, what we are left with is a whole host of players not fit for purpose that we can’t get rid of. With Ashley then adding to them with further budget buys such as Riviere who add to the pile of damaged stock that can’t be shifted.

Are Newcastle seriously interested in Charlie Austin, Georginio Wijnaldum and other players with a track record/pedigree?

transfer window

I’d love it, really love it, if United signed some (relative) superstars – players who I would look forward to see playing.

I’m not going to panic as what’s the point, I/we can’t influence Mike Ashley to go down the only realistic/sensible course of competing for proper players instead of taking massive gambles.

At least I can sit here and enjoy my summer, devoid of worries about losing any of our superstars.

We haven’t got any and the only possible superstars inside St James Park these days are sitting in the stands and paying for the privelege, though whether those fans are part of the problem or the solution depends on your own personal viewpoint of dealing with Mike Ashley.

  • john oneil

    We’re shirt and we’re sick of it…….

  • ScottDickson

    To name Paul Dummett amongst that lot is a disgrace. He’s a very good young player and the best defender at the club. Janmaat may be a better all round player but Paul is better defensively. Cabella was always going to take time to adapt to the English game and he put his foot on the ball to much initially which allowed him to be pushed off the ball. He’s learning and showing signs of progress so I wouldn’t write him off completely, he wouldn’t be the first quality player (and he is genuine quality) to take a season to adapt before going on to better things. Anyone who still believes in Ben Arfa needs to give themselves a talking to, the bloke has always been a disgrace and always will be.
    I’d be hugely disappointed if we lost Krul, Perez, Aarons, Janmaat or Sissoko as these are top class or have the potential to be.
    I think we’ll make some good signings this season. The delay is because we’re looking at players who are 2nd choice for the biggest clubs and they are hoping for a real big move. Once the big lads make their signings, they will come to us. Wijnaldum is a good player but he’s not a PSG quality player. Austin is not a Chelsea player etc.

  • ” At least I can sit here and enjoy my summer, devoid of worries about losing any of our superstars.
    We haven’t got any and the only possible superstars inside St James Park these days are sitting in the stands and paying for the privelege, though whether those fans are part of the problem or the solution depends on your own personal viewpoint of dealing with Mike Ashley.”

    Absolutely spot-on correctomundo, Dean – very well put!

  • toonterrier

    Get the champagne out. Sky sports say we have put a bid in for a teenage midfielder from Northampton. We all knew really that big Mick would spend money and here we go. Wonder who they will sell to cover the bairns pocket money.

  • Corkyjohn

    Each to their own but I also disagree with slating Dummett, I was his biggest critic but believe he’ll make a better CB than anything we already have. Sissoko on the other hand is another mercenary who is exceptional at times but more often average. Poor in CM, his driving runs often come to nothing, just hope McLarens coaching can improve what we have & hopefully sign a few quality players….

  • TonnekToon

    Good analogy between the players and his  tat shop . As you say without the better players in the squad ,what have we got to attract anyone decent ?

  • Duke Fame

    ScottDickson Absolutely right, there are complications in all deals and really it’s only ever been the agents trying to flush out a dutch auction when rumours involving NUFC go public. 

    We’ll get the players we need, we may not get Austin because Newcastle is geographically in the wrong place but it will not be for the want of trying.

  • Jimmywayhay

    In 2011 Mike Ashley sold Andy Carrol for 35 million ,now in 2015 ,we haven’t even put in an offer for Charlie Austin ,who has probably a better record than Carrol , in all departments !

  • AndrewCowley1

    Ben arfa has always been a disgrace?how do you mean?he produced some amazing things.wigan,Everton.

  • v0ices

    AndrewCowley1 ben arfa didnt take two seasons to adapt to the british game either he was just the victim of poor managment.

  • ArtyH

    Unfortunately I have to agree with the article that we no longer have any super stars. Our best players would be squad players to teams in the top 6. What alarms me is the fact that other top teams like Liverpool are adding to their already strong squad, others will be doing so too and we will be left scrambling for scraps and claiming them to be world beaters like Riviere or who could forget the other French ” superstars ” who sank like a stone/s? Ashley should know that buying 3 duds at £3m a pop is lost money which could have been used to get one good player. We all know its hit and miss but even most uneducated fans have a good idea who is worht the money, how come the management of NUFC do not?

  • v0ices

    ArtyH ashley likes a gamble.

  • wor monga

    That’s the way Dean…you’ve carped non-stop about them, but
    now that Pardew, Carver and Stone are gone, and MaClaren hasn’t lost a match
    yet…why not turn your undoubted criticising skills against  the players…who you used to maintain were good
    players who only needed the benefit of some decent coaching to shine.

    …Cabella, Rivierre…you judged harshly on their first season trying
    to adjust to the PL game in a very dysfunctional team…which was changing each game due to
    injuries/ suspensions…manager leaving etc.

    …Debuchy might have been good…but he was only here because he
    wanted to be with his ‘old chum’, and Daryl Janmaat came into a much poorer team last
    season, and yet proved to be without doubt a better all-round wing full back

    …then again…who knows Sissoko might even still get his ‘dream’ move
    away, but only if the price is right.

  • ScottDickson

    Victim at Marseille, victim at Hull….. There’s more to being a footballer than turning up once or twice a season and skinning a few people. Waste of a shirt, always has been.

  • v0ices

    ScottDickson yeah you mist think ginola and robert were crap too.

  • AndrewCowley1

    I disagree with your comments.at his best he was brilliant,temperamental like most flair footballers are.did he let himself down at times?probably.player management was poor otherwise he’d still be doing well now,or I’m wrong and it’s his fault.still he wasn’t a disgrace for the club.

  • Andgeo

    There will be some positive spin put on not selling Ny of the “big stars/purples”. Probably in Schteves next email. Truth is Charnley has spent a month trying to sell them and can’t! Time up!! Ashley out!!

  • Andgeo

    All of the fees are now undisclosed. If you take sissoko as an example, he cost virtually nothing. The likes of gouffran, Williamson etc will be on relatively low wages for a premier league club. Santon, m’biwa, guitierez and Ryan Taylor were all on good wages, but now shipped out!

  • fireflyuk

    toonterrier Why would he leave Northampton to come to NUFC, has the boy got no ambition??

  • fireflyuk

    Duke Fame ScottDickson The players we need for what? To avoid relegation?

  • toonterrier

    fireflyuk toonterrier Probably heard about the night life on the Bigg Market

  • MilitantGeordie

    I was gutted when Carroll was sold but 35m is silly money and if i was owner i wouldn’t have turned that down eventhough i thought Carroll could have been a number 9 legend. The difference between me and the current owner is i would have immediately invested the whole 35m on 2 or 3 quality players to push the club on.

  • ArtyH

    Problem is lads, we were the worst team in the epl from the new year, fact. We have not signed or lokk like signing anyone, so where does that leave us this season coming?  The other teams are buying the players we were supposed to be interested in, shortly there will be no one left of any quality. To be fair I doubt very much if the press or internet have any knowledge about who we should sign, the club don’t so why should the press?