The Mag verdict is Out – It’s between Jack Colback and Daryl Janmaat for Newcastle Captain.

Amidst the transfer drama unfolding over the double swoop from Anderlecht, it was wonderful to see the overwhelming response from fans to the Mag poll on ‘Who amongst these 5 should be Steve McClaren’s Newcastle Captain’, my article exploring the credentials of the five leading candidates.

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Well we Geordies do take our no. 9s and Captains seriously, don’t we?

So the verdict is out now  and the poll results reveal that the supporters are clearly split between possibly the two ‘Player of the Season’ contenders for last season –

The Geordie Spine – Jack Colback – 38%

The Crowd Favorite – Daryl Janmaat – 30%

The New Core – Siem De Jong – 14%

The Marquee – Georginio Wijnaldum – 13%

The Old Guard – Fabricio Coloccini – 5%

No prizes for guessing the current incumbent has surely lost his place with the Toon Army.

Coloccini, though most would still like to see him in a back-up or a mentor role, will probably be leading the backline again, given he can overcome his Achilles problem and if no more recruits at center-half follow Mbemba.

Still, he no longer looks like someone to take us forward in what we would like to call the ‘dawn of the new era’ at United.

Well we also had two title winning captains in the list – Siem De Jong and Gini Wijnaldum – but it is clear the fans are yet to be won over by their promise as Captain material.

Siem was indeed made Vice-Captain last season, but the time he spent in the treatment room has definitely put him out of favour, considering how much we needed someone to lift our spirits a couple of months back. Looking at the friendlies, he still looks quite vulnerable on the pitch, looks out of breath more often than not, and is still miles away from his full fitness and thus, from his full potential.

I do believe 14% of the fans would have taken some liking to the idea of him being the New Core, but when Steve McClaren looks to build a team around somebody, he will have tough competition in Wijnaldum. Over to you, Mr. Schoenmaker….

Well we still can land Austin and Matip after Mitrovic and Mbemba (fingers crossed!), so whether Gini is our Marquee….and him being the next Captain only entertained 13% of our fans.

Not bad for somebody untested in EPL, Gini will have huge expectations to live up to, and I agree with the 87% that it’s better we give him that time to settle down before piling up additional burden.

newacstle captain

So, it all came down to the two crowd favorites – Ginger Pirlo and Dependable Daryl!

Funny, I find many fans on Twitter and The Mag still haven’t accepted Jack Colback as our own, and consider him as a closet Mackem.

I mean, c’mon fellas! He played his heart out in his first season. Little credit is given to our outstanding players from last season, undermined since they played amongst some real shi** and thus looked good rather than being really good.

In my opinion, playing good despite the headless dolts in our team and our coaching staff last season, makes their performance even more credible and praiseworthy.

Even in my poll article, I may have had a bit of positive leaning towards Colback and Janmaat, and the results only bear testimonial to the fact that fans are too split between the two.

That said, more fans in favour of Colback have really identified with the ‘Geordie Spine’ argument.

For Janmaat, as I called him above, dependability has got him the close runners-up spot for the armband.

newcastle captain

Personally, it would be great if we could have both on board, make either of them Captain and Vice-Captain, just so that they both represent and take this club forward into what I believe would be a ‘turning the corner’ season for us.

So here it is Gaffer, the fans have chosen their Captains for the season – Jack Colback and Daryl Janmaat. Time to test one of them in Portland, eh?

Yours sincerely,

Rishiraj Lahiri

[Toon Army India]

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Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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  • Altamullan

    I like young Jack, but he’s not a leader. Not yet at least IMO. Janmaat and de Jong, do I think have the right qualities, I would also not shy away from giving it to new boy Gini Wij-Aye-Man: natural leader of men.

  • LeazesEnder

    Don’t be daft its got to be Janmaat….


    cannot stand jack and i dont think hes capable of being a captain but neither was coloccini and he got it

  • Slowlybutsurely

    All for jack me, he still may be a bit young but so is the team, his confidence will grow as the season goes on, he knows what it means to wear a newcastle shirt more then any of the above

  • GarethMarshall

    Jail for Ashley What? “It will be worrying if Colback is pencilled in to be a regular considering he can be so hit and miss” – How was Colback inconsistent? I will agree that in some games he hardly stood out, but I don’t remember him having a poor game last season.

  • Steve1221

    Janmaat is too temperamental to be captain for me, much like Debuchy before him he always looks one wild lunge away from a red card when things aren’t going out way.

  • amacdee

    I’ve just asked, on the Chron site, whether we could persuade 30 yo Vlaar to join us to partner a younger CB and marshall the back four for a couple of seasons as Captain ? He’s knacked atm but reckons he’ll be fit by the end of September. He’ll want a signing on fee but no transfer but Fatman wouldnt make any money from him, in terms of resale, but he’d help move Colo out the door to Palace for £2m

  • Happyharrys2011

    Is it me or do some of these on here talk pure $hite? Colback is not good enough for captain or isn’t consistent enough. Come on you lot pi$$ off and write on your own fanzine, jealousy gets you know where.

  • TorgeirArntzen

    Why isn’t Tim Krul mentioned?? Great lad. Probably the best player in our squad. If there is one voice you can hear on the pitch it is Kruls.

  • Happyharrys2011

    I agree good lad and loyal. But he has had a couple of REALLY BAD seasons like a fish out of water. I personally would sell him, he has done of nothing since the Tottenham game to shout about, and before that nothing since his debut to make me think he is a top keeper in the Sheamus Given mould.

  • AndrewCowley1

    No real good choice for captain at the moment.colback but it’s hard to get past the taunting personally,plus well he’s just a bit average go for dejong which is based on nothing other then the fact that he captained Ajax so he might be good at it.ideally an experienced centre back comes in and gets the nod but I’m not holding my breath.

  • PaulStephenson

    Can’t believe anybody can doubt colbacks ability, do you even know anything about football? In a shocking season playing under a terrible manager in carver alongside a few less than mediocre players, colback was our best player by a mile, he is one of the only ones that doesn’t need to prove himself!

  • DownUnderMag

    TorgeirArntzen he doesn’t really command his box as much as I would like so even though he’s a nice guy and been loyal, i’m not convinced he’s captain material.  I also think we need someone in the centre of the park to be able to influence the game a bit more.

  • DownUnderMag

    Colback doesn’t get the plaudits he should because of two things: 
    Firstly he isn’t spectacular, he’s steady and never going to offer a superstar performance, and sadly some fans only seem to remember those games rather than appreciate the consistent performers. I would prefer a Colback in central midfield who you know what you are going to get in 95% of games than a Kieron Dyer type who may win you a match single handedly one week and then go missing and be a passenger for the next 10…and yet some fans would still be raving about that one performance despite his lack of follow up performances.
    Secondly, fans are still harping on about his photo post derby match…time to let it go people, like no-one on these boards has ever been caught in a compromising position due to his mates or because he is trying to not ruffle feathers at work?!?!?!  He left them on a free transfer to come and play for us…time to forgive sins of the past and give the lad a chance.

  • AndrewCowley1

    That’s exactly the reasons why.i think colback is good and was the most consistent last season but I still feel he’s just an average player who played above average in a poor side.i think the whole taunt thing was a shame because he is a Geordie and should know better.i can forgive that because it’s just a mistake but I still feel he lacks that bit of quality to be captain.i think most people would prefer him over dyer so that’s a moot point really but your arguments are good and look if he’s captain it will be a step up from collo.naturally I hope he proves me wrong,gets the captaincy and becomes an England regular,always happy to be wrong if we get better.

  • Hetton Mag

    Ron Vlarr good call. It’s a shame Ashley doesn’t understand that paying a 30+ player is not wasted money but payment for service especially if they bring experience and nous. Ok we want no more Klverts and Vidukas but the job Cambiaso and Huth did at Liecester was money well spent. Ferguson was never scared of signing an older player when they bring something extra with them. I have no problem with the young player thing but it needs experience alongside. I hope McClaren can explain this.

  • LeazesEnder He is also by a long way the better footballer.  He should get the nod solely for his ‘tackle’ on Balotelli

  • DownUnderMag TorgeirArntzen Neville/Kompany/Terry/Ferdinand/Puyol/Lahm  (to name a few) – none were in the center of the park